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Valve announces SteamVR hardware system, will be shown next week at GDC

The VR market is still relatively young, with the Oculus Rift in pre-release developer kit status and plenty of companies still entering the fray. But could an established player in the PC gaming scene upend them all? That may be the goal of Valve, the company behind the massively successful Steam digital gaming service, not to mention publisher of brilliant games like Portal, Half-Life, and Team ...[Read More]

Valve makes VR access easy with their latest Steam beta

Not many of us have HMD’s (head-mounted display) like the Oculus Rift and the Rift, the leading headset of the VR craze, isn’t in full production mode yet. This has not stopped the folks at Valve from going experimental with virtual reality, as can be seen with their latest SteamBeta client release which now sports a “virtual reality mode” in the view menu for all to see. The beta also...[Read More]

Say hello to Valve’s updated Steam Controller

Valve’s controller for their Steam Machine setups have looked interesting from the very beginning but but the company recently announced that that the form factor would be changing. They’ve since released an updated image of the device, showing that they have included a direction pad and altered the orientation of the face buttons. In terms of configuration, as Ars Technica points out,...[Read More]

Have an hour to spare? Hear how the Steam Controller was made

Since not every game developer can afford to travel to the States to attend an event like Steam’s Dev Days, the company has uploaded video and slideshows from the event, all neatly categorised so interested parties can pick and choose which talks they’d like to check out. One of these is Valve’s Eric Hope speaking about the development and creation of the oddly-functional Steam C...[Read More]

Steam’s controller will be changing slightly before release

Valve’s Steam controller was a very interesting idea, a gamepad that ditched analogue sticks and buttons in favour of dual touch pads which performed similar functions to a computer’s trackpads. There was also a touchscreen planned for the peripheral but, at Valve’s Dev Days event, it was revealed that the touchscreen won’t be hanging around much longer. The touchscreen, wh...[Read More]

Alienware’s Steam Machine announced for September 2014

During CES 2014 Alienware gave the world a sneak peak of the Steam Machine they were making, and yesterday during Valve’s first Steam Dev Days Conference Alienware announced that their little creation will hit shelves in September. Or, at least, that’s the plan. So far no real details are available, other than that it will house a Haswell processor and that Alienware supposedly stated that t...[Read More]

Valve will be releasing SteamOS for gamers on 13 December but it won’t be easy to use

Digital distribution platform Steam will be kicking off its Steam Machine hardware beta test tomorrow, on Friday the 13th of December, the date that they will be shipping the hardware prototypes to the 300 early participants. While it will be an especially lucky day for the 300, every other gamer on the planet won’t be going home empty-handed. Sort of. The machines being sent out will ship w...[Read More]

Valve to demo VR prototype at Steam Dev Days

Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam will be host its annual Dev Days event in mid-January next year and they’ve got an interesting crop of items on the menu for the developer conference. Chief among these are two presentations dealing with the company’s approach to virtual reality, one of which will feature a VR prototype that the company has developed. A session called W...[Read More]

Valve details Steam Machine prototype specs

Valve has made the specifications for its Steam Machine prototypes, 300 of which will be shipping to beta testers at some point later this year, official. Steam has announced a varied set of machines, all of which are designed for some serious gaming. All of the living room rigs will be sharing the same form factor, measuring 12 x 12.4 x 2.9 inches (30.5 x 31.5 x 9.9cm) and each of them will featu...[Read More]

Steam to roll out Family Sharing feature in limited beta

Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam will soon be launching a limited beta of a new feature that will permit “close friends and family members to play one another’s games while earning their own Steam achievements and saving their own game progress to the Steam cloud.” Called Family Sharing, the new addition will allow up to ten friends or family members to make use ...[Read More]

South African made Broforce gets the Steam Greenlight

Digital distribution platform Steam has announced the latest batch of games to be greenlit in their Steam Greenlight program. While there are some good titles there, including Deadly Premonition, Stuff is primarily interested in one game. The title, called Broforce, is a South African-made multiplayer platform shooter which involves “…being awesome action heroes from the 80s and 90s wh...[Read More]

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