Netflix rolls out Downloads For You, which automatically selects and downloads offline content


Netflix, staple of the couch date and vanquisher of lockdown boredom (or perhaps saboteur of productivity is more accurate), has announced a new feature that will download new movies and shows for you to watch offline automatically.

Netflix has you covered, whether you’re connected or not

Image: Netflix

It’s similar to Netflix’s “Smart Downloads” feature (released in 2018), which downloads episodes of your favourite shows so that you can watch them anytime. It made the streaming giant an absolute legend for when loadshedding inevitably struck, and this new feature, called “Downloads For You”, only adds to that. Movies and series will be chosen based on your previously viewed and downloaded content and automatically downloaded onto your device for later consumption.

The official announcement explains that you can opt in to the new feature, turning it on via the Downloads tab and then allotting the space you’re happy to give it on your device. You can select 1GB, 3GB, or 5GB of space to dedicate to offline recommendations.

This is the latest in a small handful of updates added and still coming to Netflix this year. Last month the streaming platform upgraded its sound quality on Android devices to “studio quality”, and later this year it’ll be getting a shuffle feature

The feature has already been rolled out for Android users, and is currently being tested on iOS.

Source: The Verge






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