Twitter continues to build its own Clubhouse, rolls out voice DMs in three new countries


Clubhouse might be the popular new kid on the block, with other social media companies already scrambling to make their own version of the voice-based social network (we used to call that ‘talking’), but you could argue that Twitter was always heading in that direction.

And now Twitter has moved a little further towards that point, rolling out voice DMs for three new countries as part of a continuing experiment for the service. If you’re a resident of Brazil, India or Japan, you have the ability to send shiny new voice DMs.

More than one Clubhouse

The short voice messages, in keeping with Twitter’s fondness for brevity, are confined to just 140 seconds — which is more than long enough for someone to be seriously creepy in your DMs, we suppose. The feature will be available on both Android and iOS devices, though you’d still be able to listen to voice DMs via a web browser. Preferably with headphones on, unless you’re naming-and-shaming.

But this ‘feature’ doesn’t seem to be related to Twitter’s Spaces, which is the direct Clubhouse competitor the service is working on. It does appear related to the ability to send a voice tweet, something the company rolled out last year and which we’ve never seen in the wild. Ever.

Source: The Next Web


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