BlackBerry is bringing out a new 5G smartphone with a physical keyboard for 2021


The rumours of BlackBerry’s death seem to have been greatly (or at least partially) exaggerated. The smartphone maker is set to launch its first 5G smartphone, thanks to the company’s new owner OnwardMobility.

And that’s… about all we know. OnwardMobility’s CEO Peter Franklin has said that the handset will launch with a physical keyboard as well as a “…suite of end-to-end security solutions.” Beyond that, we’ve got little idea what it might look like.

Picking a new BlackBerry

But website MENAFN has a few ideas. A wide touchscreen and the physical keyboard are almost a given, and the revived BlackBerry is supposed to be working with Foxconn in order to get the handset made.

OnwardMobility has plans to launch the handset in North America, Asia and Europe. The odds of getting it here are low, but not out of the question. There’s no launch info beyond a vague ‘2021’ and there’s no pricing for the device either.

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