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BlackBerry Key2 review — Great for keyboard warriors, weird for the rest of us

There was a time (circa 2007) when almost every person in South Africa either owned, or wanted to own a BlackBerry. If you didn’t, you’re probably a teenager or living under an Apple tree. Thereafter, things went awry for BB, as they had for Nokia. BlackBerry never went away, but they did shift their high-end phones from their own OS to Android, and clung to the physical keyboard for loyalists. Th...[Read More]

BlackBerry® KEY2: An Icon Reborn

The latest BlackBerry® KEY2 smartphone brings together iconic BlackBerry features with new experiences that include a dual-rear camera, a more intelligent keyboard and improved privacy controls. Featuring the famous BlackBerry physical keyboard and loaded with BlackBerry’s proprietary security and privacy enhancements, it packs several features that are firsts for a BlackBerry smartphone. Beautifu...[Read More]

BlackBerry gets even cosier with Google with the new Key2 LE handset

There’s a new addition to the BlackBerry lineup, and while it still means business, it’s got a playful edge with it’s selection of three colours (and their names): Slate, Champagne and Atomic (aka, red). The BlackBerry Key2 LE is a modern-looking device, assuming you don’t find the physical keyboard deeply anachronistic. And it’s got a solid selection of specs and a s...[Read More]

Light Start – A new BlackBerry, SNES Mini Classic hacks, Pacific Rim, and AC: Origins

BlackBerry’s newest phone is the Motion, comes missing a keyboard The newest BlackBerry is called the BlackBerry Motion and if you want a good, long look at it: This is it. Officially, that is The Motion, revealed by hardware maker TCL at the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai last week, will launch as an all-touchscreen device rather than toting one of the physical keyboards the range is best k...[Read More]

Light Start – BlackBerry expanding, SpaceX goes Heavy, Rick and Morty, and one heck of a dance

BlackBerry could be expanding its branding to things like wearables, other unusual (for BlackBerry) tech It wasn’t all that long ago that people everywhere were predicting the complete demise of BlackBerry. To be fair some things have changed but going away is something that the company isn’t doing. What they are doing is lending their name to other folks and working on what they do ex...[Read More]

BlackBerry Mercury: Everything we know so far

BlackBerry was famously blindsided by the industry’s move to touch devices, but following a few rough years and some missteps, the company finally seems to be finding its mojo – thanks to Android. The BlackBerry Priv was largely excellent, but the high price kept it out of reach for most. The touchscreen-only DTEK50 and DTEK60 weren’t quite as inspiring, but the upcoming Mercury could ...[Read More]

BlackBerry’s Mercury handset will be revealed 25 February

We’ve been hearing about BlackBerry’s Mercury handset for a while and while it won’t be the company’s last internally-made phone (that time, it seems, has passed) it almost certainly will be their final wholly in-house design. Mercury has since popped up from time to time, with specification leaks doing the rounds at intervals, but now we’ve got something more useful ...[Read More]

BlackBerry teases Mercury, their last in-house QWERTY smartphone

Does anyone remember the last BlackBerry leak of 2016, consisting of supposed images of their upcoming Mercury handset? It’s okay if you don’t recall, because we’ve got the original post right here. It seems that the leak was pretty on the money, with an official teaser for the device popping up on Twitter last night. The teaser is just a brief video showing the outlines of the u...[Read More]

This could be BlackBerry’s last internally-made smartphone

It’s no secret that BlackBerry isn’t going to be making its own smartphones any more but their final internal handset, called Mercury (for now), is still a secretive device. Or, rather, it was. Or maybe it still is. The final all-BlackBerry handset, codenamed Mercury, is definitely real. Its existence was confirmed by the company’s CEO, John Chen, in an interview with Crackberry ...[Read More]

BlackBerry’s not going to make its own phones anymore

In a move professional business speakers around the world will likely be including alongside stories of Nokia and Kodak’s missteps and subsequent declines, BlackBerry has announced it won’t be making its own devices anymore, but will instead be outsourcing the job to partners. Once the dominant handset manufacturer for business sorts and text-mad teenagers alike, BlackBerry’s har...[Read More]

BlackBerry has announced the “world’s most secure Android smartphone”, the DTEK50

BlackBerry has released the details of their latest handset, an Android smartphone that they’ve claimed is the “world’s most secure smartphone”. Meet the DTEK50, a 5.2-inch handset that looks… a lot more Android than BlackBerry, at least on the outside. And from the front. The rear seems to still have BlackBerry’s textured feel to it. What we’re looking at...[Read More]

Light Start – Microsoft trolls, SpaceX recycles, BlackBerry battles, and teaching fish to spit

There’s going to be a WWDC afterparty – thrown by Microsoft. Wait, what? We’re used to companies trying to steal each other’s thunder, something that has been going on since Zeus figured out that he was a prototypical otherkin, but Microsoft’s newest venture is… unusually brazen. The company will be hosting an afterparty. For Apple’s WWDC conference. To be...[Read More]

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