Huawei may launch its own gaming notebook and console


Huawei has become a household name in South Africa (and beyond) for its smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Interestingly, those don’t even make up the majority of the company’s business, with server and networking tech being its major contributor. We just… don’t see it everywhere. Now it looks like Huawei may be betting on a different industry altogether, with the introduction of a gaming notebook and a gaming console. 

MateBook, but for gaming

According to a recent report by HuaweiCentral, Huawei is potentially looking into launching gaming-related hardware, including a laptop (which we can see working) and a gaming console (not so much). “It is reportedly planning to add a gaming laptop to its line up and looks to follow it up with a gaming console to take on the likes of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox,” according to TechRadar

The more attainable of the two (that gaming notebook) was supposed to see the light of day in 2020, but was pushed forward for whatever reason. We haven’t seen any official marketing from Huawei detailing a gaming machine, but we reckon it’ll tie into its existing MateBook range of devices. 

HuaweiBox or HuaweiStation?

Of course, we’re more interested in the supposed gaming console, as this may either end up being a KFC console or a legitimate Xbox/PlayStation competitor. Coming in this late in the game could prove more challenging as most of its competitor hardware and IPs are established already. Remember the Tron Console? Huawei launched the Android-powered console in 2014 and… it wasn’t especially successful. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Huawei plans to integrate its gaming console into the already existing console ecosystem. It’ll need to produce hard-hitting games or offer something no-one else is offering for it to be successful. Of course, nothing’s official quite yet, but this news could herald some interesting launches in 2021 and beyond. 



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