You should probably change your Slack for Android password right now…


Working from home in 2020 has pushed more and more people to use Slack but, while the office-focused instant messaging app is both incredibly popular and useful, it’s not completely perfect. Especially when it accidentally exposes user’s passwords because of a bug that was patched into the app towards the end of last year.

Don’t panic, you information is probably safe but at the same time, you should probably change your password if you’re using the Android version of Slack. You don’t need some stranger poking around your work DMs, right?

The aforementioned bug resulted in Android user’s passwords being saved in plaintext, meaning that they’re remarkably easy to uncover and read. Technically it means that all apps on your phone could have access to that information. So either change it, or be very sure that no-one’s gonna steal your device or illegally access any of your other apps.


Time to stop Slack-ing

So how does one go about changing your password on Slack? It’s actually very easy, as it is with most apps these days. The first step is to head to the Google Play Store and download the latest update, which patches out the bug that’s causing all this trouble. Once your app is updated, then you’ll have to head to the desktop version of Slack to actually change your password. It’s a pain, we know, but it’s also necessary.

Once you’re on the desktop version, click on your profile in the top right of the app. Select “View profile” and then on the three dots labelled “More“. Click on “Account settings” and then “Expand“. You’ll be prompted to provide your last password and then a new one. Once you’ve saved that, you’re in the clear! You can go about your work day without worrying about some nosey hacker leaking all your conversations with Pam at reception to HR.

Source: The Verge



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