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Four ways blockchain could make the internet safer, fairer and more creative

The core idea behind the Bitcoin system is to make all the participants in the system, collectively, the bank. To do this, blockchains are used. Blockchains are distributed, tamper-proof ledgers, which can record every transaction made within a network.

A secure relationship with passwords means not being attached to how you pick them

When you are asked to create a password – either for a new online account or resetting login information for an existing account – you’re likely to choose a password you know you can remember. Many people use extremely basic passwords, or a more obscure one they reuse across many sites. Our research has found that others – even ones who use different passwords for each site – have a method of devi...[Read More]

My thoughts are my password, because my brain reactions are unique

Your brain is an inexhaustible source of secure passwords – but you might not have to remember anything. Passwords and PINs with letters and numbers are relatively easily hacked, hard to remember and generally insecure. Biometrics are starting to take their place, with fingerprints, facial recognition and retina scanning becoming common even in routine logins for computers, smartphones and other c...[Read More]

Facebook hack reveals the perils of using a single account to log in to other services

Facebook announced on Friday that its engineering team had discovered a security issue affecting almost 50 million accounts. Due to a flaw in Facebook’s code, hackers were able to take over an account and use it in the same way you would if you had logged into the account with a password. The company says it has now fixed the problem in its code and reset access tokens for those accounts – along w...[Read More]

On Twitter? Change your password right now

This is not a drill. Twitter has revealed it’s discovered a bug that stored passwords in plain text in its internal system. Oops. In other words, change your password for the service now. Also, now Twitter may know your childhood pet’s name, your birthday, or whatever else you’ve been using for a password. Of course, it means if it’s unwittingly been compromised, someone else mig...[Read More]

Could a doodle replace your password?

Nearly 80 percent of Americans own a smartphone, and a growing proportion of them use smartphones for internet access, not just when they’re on the go. This leads to people storing considerable amounts of personal and private data on their mobile devices. Often, there is just one layer of security protecting all that data – emails and text messages, social media profiles, bank accounts and credit ...[Read More]

Why we choose terrible passwords, and how to fix them

The first Thursday in May is World Password Day, but don’t buy a cake or send cards. Computer chip maker Intel created the event as an annual reminder that, for most of us, our password habits are nothing to celebrate. Instead, they – and computer professionals like me – hope we will use this day to say our final goodbyes to “qwerty” and “123456,” which are still the most popular passwords. The pr...[Read More]

There must be smarter security than a ban on ‘dumb’ passwords

In cyberspace we are facing password fatigue, caused by having to recall (seemingly) endless streams of (apparently) unrelated numbers and letters at odd times. One answer is to make those passwords longer and more incomprehensible. The logic here is that people have an unlimited capacity to remember such things, or perhaps they have an unquenchable desire to write passwords on yellow post-it note...[Read More]

How to foolproof your password and avoid being a victim of cybercrime

Technology brings with it convenience and the benefits of making life easier on many fronts. For example, one can shop or bank from the comfort of one’s own home. But it also makes life easier for criminals who prey on unsuspecting targets. Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab says that 64% of South Africans have faced serious threats from criminals. Security firm Wolfpack Information Risk estimates t...[Read More]

Have an eBay account? Time to change your password

To make a detailed story short, online auction website eBay has been hacked and they’re recommending that all users change their passwords as soon as possible. User’s financial information, like credit card and PayPal details, remains secure but hackers have gained access to a collection of other information. eBay suffered an intrusion between the end of February and the beginning of M...[Read More]

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