We may see an all-electric Jeep Wrangler soon


How do you improve on a Jeep? Make it fully electric, of course! On the heels of Jeep’s announcement of the Wrangler 4xe plug-in hybrid, it’s hinted at an all-electric Wrangler concept. On Sunday, the carmaker revealed its new “The Road Ahead” site, as seen in its Super Bowl ad, where a teaser for its EV popped up. 

After digging through the website, CNET‘s Road Show picked up a panel featuring the “100% battery-powered Wrangler BEV” as an upcoming concept car. According to its report, Jeep plans to reveal the concept in its Easter Moab Safari event that we’ll likely see hosted virtually thanks to… well, you know. 

Power Wrangler


Jeep’s initial tests with electric motors in… erm… bicycles have proved quite fruitful, we reckon.

Other than the teaser for the unnamed Wrangler EV, there isn’t much information available. We know the vehicle will be powered by batteries of some sort. And it’ll probably boast an electric motor to turn the battery power into movement. The teaser image (in the header, above) does provide us with slight insight into the light bar that is housed behind the grille. But we’re keen to see what other interesting pieces of tech this machine plays host to. 

The masses of road vehicles out there (not so much in SA, though) have created a larger need for an all-electric off-roader. Of course, its success will be dictated by things like weight (those batteries aren’t light) and the total range on the vehicle. You don’t want to run out of battery in the middle of the Namib desert, now do you?

Source: CNET



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