You can now pre-order Jeep’s powerful new electric bike but it’ll set you back a pretty penny or two…


First shown off during Jeep’s latest Super Bowl advert, the motoring company’s first venture into e-bike territory is certainly easy on the eyes. That minimalistic beauty might be lost on you once you get a load of the bike’s monumental price tag. Seriously, it’s wild.

If you ask us, strapping a motor onto a bicycle kinda defeats the point of the whole thing but who are we to pass judgement? We’re not exactly the fittest office in the country so if we had to choose between scaling a hill on an e-bike or just a boring old bicycle, it’s fairly obvious which we’d choose. If we could choose any e-bike, we might lean towards Jeep’s latest project because it certainly looks like a wondrously good time.

The “high performance” vehicle is certainly pulling its weight in terms of power. With a 750W motor (that’s likely to give off 1.5kW, according to Electrek), 4.8in fat tire and the high -uality suspension system. Jeep’s e-bike should let you reach a maximum speed of just over 30kmph, making it a Class 2 e-bike — if that kind of label is important to you.

Made in collaboration with QuietKat, Jeep’s first attempt at electronic biking isn’t for those of you looking for a cheap alternative to work. With a price tag of $5,900, or roughly R90K, this particular motorised two-wheeler isn’t entering the market exceptionally well-priced, considering that plenty of other e-bike production companies are selling some very solid devices between $1500 (~R23,000) and $2000 (~R31,000).

The move to more environmentally friendly transportation has seen plenty of motoring companies, including BMW, Ford and Audi develop their own iterations of the e-bike. While Jeep’s offering is certainly expensive, it still looks absolutely gorgeous. If your #AESTHETIC is important to you, I can only imagine how excited you are about this two-wheeler.


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