4.5 million PlayStation 5s were sold last year


From day one the PlayStation 5 has been flying off of store shelves. It’s pretty hard to get your hands on the console at the moment, as it constantly seems to be sold out across stores, despite Sony’s valiant efforts to keep up with demand. It’s therefore not surprising to learn that a whopping 4 and a half million units were sold in 2020. This mirrors the PlayStation 4’s sale numbers during its infancy way back in 2013.

Like Nintendo, Sony has touted some impressive financial figures recently, thanks to the high demand for its new console. According to The Verge, the Tokyo based electronics company enjoyed its most successful financial quarter in PlayStation history last year, with revenue boosted by 40% and operating profit jumping up by 50% thanks to high game sales.

The PlayStation 5 is making bank

These sales figures were likely influenced at least in part by various lockdowns implemented globally to combat the spread of COVID-19. What better way is there to wait out a pandemic than by playing video games? (Book? What’s a book?) 

It’s safe to assume that demand for the PlayStation 5 will remain high as more and more next-gen games and remasters of old favourites (like this one) arrive on the console. If you’re the lucky owner of a PS5 already, you’ve already got a lot to enjoy right now, with more goodies just around the corner. If you’re still trying to get your hands on one, best of luck to you. 

(Source: The Verge)


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