A bot that turns reddit arguments in Phoenix Wright? Yes, please.


If you’ve lived on the internet long enough, you’re no doubt familiar with the “Objection!” meme. It comes from an excellent series of puzzle games in the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series which features some truly excellent court room debates. So of course, someone created a bot that can be posted into any reddit thread and have it turn the entire argument into a cutscene from Ace Attorney.

The music quickens, the players in our drama begin to sweat and gasp at the retorts and everything is just so over the top. In the Ace Attorney series, confrontations like this are reserved for only the most climactic of moments so having them play out around an argument about pointless Reddit drama is especially funny. Now if only we could get Rick Astley involved in a fight… The one embedded below on video game graphics on the Nintendo Switch really made us smile.

Phoenix Wright is alright

The bot, which kinda just lives on Reddit, can be summoned to a suitably intense argument by simply typing in “!objection-bot” under the thread and waiting a few minutes for it to generate a video.  The creator of the bot, user oppai_suika, posted the bot’s source code for folks to play around with and clarified that the main commenters will be assigned the roles of the battling attorneys, namely Phoenix and Edgeworth, while other commenters will be added as random secondary characters. There’s even a growing subreddit dedicated entirely to the bot’s exploits. It’s currently small, but growing nicely.

The bot currently supports a long list of subreddits (too long to mention them all, check out the full list here) and will hopefully grow to encompass even more communities the long it lives. Never mind us, we’ll be spending the rest of the day browsing reddit searching for good arguments to morph into compelling, pixelated courtroom dramas between our hero Phoenix and that slimy Edgeworth.

(Source: The Verge)


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