A series of Phantoms: Samsung’s Galaxy S21 colour options have leaked


Galaxy S21 colours mainIt really is getting to be about that time again. Samsung springs a leak every time a handset is due and with the talk being that the Galaxy S21 is turning up in January next year, it was only a matter of time before we found out more. We’ve already seen the handsets teased in a series of video shorts, now it’s time for the colour options to be spoiled ahead of the official launch.

A Phantom of the Galaxy S21

German tech website WinFuture has the low-down on (possibly all of) the colour options due for the Galaxy S21 and it’s all looking a little… ghostly. That’s because pretty much every colour option (and there are a lot of them this time around) is prefaced with the word ‘Phantom’.

For the S21 proper, available shades include Phantom Pink (pictured above), Phantom Violet, Phantom Grey and Phantom White. The S21 Plus will arrive in three hues — Phantom Grey, Phantom Black and Phantom Violet — while the S21 Ultra has just two colour options: Phantom Black and Phantom Silver. That’s an extensive collections of ghosts.

The images also show in more detail just how Samsung has flattened the camera bump for the handset this time around. Guess they were done with the range feeling clunky on flat surfaces — which was the case if you weren’t keeping your flagship smartphone in a decent case. Some of you are awfully brave.

With the reveal of Samsung’s colour options, we know… pretty much everything Samsung will launch on or around 14 January. To check out all the looks for the S21 range, hit up the WinFuture website. Bonus points if you can read German, but it’s not essential.

Source: WinFuture (German)




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