Google will let you sign in without syncing accounts


Google is trying to make life easier for all you users out there that both have several accounts and an Android device. An incoming update will soon eliminate the need to need to sync you Google accounts as users will be able to simply log in with the tap of a single button. This update will eliminate what many consider to be a rather tedious and frustrating process and should hopefully make shopping for presents this holiday season much more accessible.

The update was announced via a blog post published by Google wherein it discusses how the process will work. “When you sign in to a Google service like Gmail, you can now choose to sign in to Chrome with one of your Google Accounts on the device – with a single tap and without having to re-enter your credentials,” reads the post.


Unless you don’t want Google to have all your stuff…

Fortunately for everyone that doesn’t feel like signing in to Chrome on Android, you now no longer need to have you details plugged in at all. “If you prefer to sign in without adding your account to the device, you can simply dismiss the dialog. And if you want a temporary browsing session, the menu provides a quick way to open Incognito mode,” reads the blog. The best part of this is now when you want to check your Gmail on a friend’s device you don’t need all the fuss of adding a new account. What a pleasure!

Perhaps the best part of this incoming update are the tweaks coming to password accessibility. Users will be given more flexibility in how they manage and save their passwords. “This can all be done simply by signing in to your Google Account, regardless of whether sync is enabled. You’ll be able to autofill passwords on sites that you previously saved to your account, and when you save a new password, Chrome will let you choose where you want to save it — on the device or in your Google Account.” A nice quality of life improvement!

Now if Google could make it’s Task Mate app a little more accessible, then we’d be even happier. Still, at least the company’s got those “people cards” to help job-seekers find word a little easier.

(Source: Engadget)


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