Google has launched People Cards for job seekers in SA


The best time to look for a job is probably after a global economic decline, right? Many people have faced financial hardship throughout the COVID pandemic, which is probably why Google’s trying to do its part to help. Google just launched a feature called People Cards for job seekers in South Africa. 

People Cards are short, name-specific info blocks that are more prominently displayed at the top of Google search results. Think the short summary you find after searching for a celebrity on Google — it’s something similar. These nifty little cards are designed specifically to help anyone looking for a new job. 

Personalising your People Card

The cards are designed to increase the visibility of individuals who are looking for a new job. All you need to get set up is a Google account and a mobile phone. Currently, People Cards can only be created using a mobile phone, not on the desktop portal. 

Here’s why they are important: Many employers will screen potential employees by running their names through a basic Google search. A People Card will display at the very top of the page, with some of the most important information about the person. According to Business Insider SA, “With Google’s People Cards, which was first launched in India in August 2020, your profile (which you can create yourself and typically includes a short biography, your current job title and social media handles) will appear directly in Google search results.”

All you have to do is head over to Google Search and search your name (as we all do every once in a while). You can also simply search ‘add me to Google’ or ‘edit my people card’ for this to work. Here, you’ll add some info, like your location, profession, current job title, website and even a short bio. 

What makes this feature useful, is the ability to curate a small piece of the internet specifically to market yourself. Google is by far the most widely-used search platform, so the chances of someone stumbling on your People Card is significant. 

Source: Business Insider


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