Want a 5G iPhone 12 in SA? You’ll have to get your handset on MTN (for the moment)


There’s a lot going on with the iPhone 12 this year but one thing that all of the handsets have in common is 5G support. Which… isn’t really available here in SA, except under very specific circumstances. Very specific indeed. So much so that, if you want 5G to work on your iPhone, you’ll have to use it on MTN’s network.

At least, that’s what the yellow cellular provider said today. What’s more, MTN also said that it’s the only network offering 5G coverage for Apple’s newest handset. The company said, “MTN will be the only network authorised to enable 5G on the new iPhone 12, from December 2020, into early 2021.” Which, if you think about it, implies that there will be other networks offering 5G early next year. Hmmmm…

5G is a little steep for an iPhone 12

MTN’s chief technology and information office Giovanni Chiarelli said “MTN is honoured to be the only mobile network in SA enabled to support 5G on the Apple iPhone 12. We are also proud to announce the deployment of 5G at selected MTN stores in our 5G-enabled coverage areas.”

The company will offer Apple’s entire range — the iPhone 12 and the 12 Mini, as well as the Pro and Pro Max versions. What wasn’t detailed was pricing but we don’t reckon they’ll deviate far from the case pricing offered on the iStore. What we will be keeping an eye out for will be contract costs. A decent deal there will make Apple’s newest crop even more attractive.

As with the iStore and Vodacom, you’ll be able to pre-order your iPhone 12 from MTN from 11 December. Pre-orders will be available from the main MTN website on the day.




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