DStv Catch Up is no more: Where to watch old episodes


If you’ve been repeatedly refreshing your DStv decoder or app, searching for the Catch Up tab, We’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but it doesn’t exist anymore. Multichoice made the choice to remove the Catch Up feature in its app. But don’t panic, because it’s got another hub for previously-aired content now. 

Now, DStv users will still be able to find all of their Catch Up favourites, it’s all just distributed under different banners. In November, users were suddenly logged out of their accounts, the only fix being to log back in. When they returned, they found that the trusty Catch Up category had disappeared. 

All of the content that used to sit under the Catch Up category is now nestled in between other categories like ‘Kids’, ‘TV Shows’, ‘Movies’ and ‘Sport’. This includes popular new content that was recently broadcast. Catch Up was introduced as a way to keep people’s favourite shows on-hand even after they may have missed them. 

DStvThe best advice we can give Catch Up fans, is to make yourself comfortable with the DStv app on both web and mobile. It’s here where you’ll find all of your favourite shows and movies, even sport divided into a variety of tabs that are fairly easy to navigate. This is also the case with the decoder interface. 

So if you’re looking for a specific title that used to be in Catch Up, head on over to the DStv app, hit up the relevant tab and search for it there. 


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  2. Margi Naidoo on

    DSTV has some strange practises. I downgraded from Premier to Compact wef 1Dec so from R963 p.m to R399 (as per their website).
    I was amazed to discover it wou!d actually cost me R647.00 pm!
    On enquiry I was told it was for recording and other functions previously included in your subscription.
    I call that false advertising.

  3. Mabunda Ramadumetja on

    Catch up is not working 😕 it says it doesn’t exist in this country☹ what must I do

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