Xiaomi launches first Redmi smartwatch


Xiaomi is a company that’s become known for putting out some great tech at a price that’s more than competitive with other major corporations. Now, it’s turning in the direction of the wrist-based technology as it launches the first Redmi smartwatch. Redmi, which is sub-brand of Xiaomi, has had a few decent phones to its name up until now but this marks its first foray into the realm of sophisticated time telling.

The imaginatively named the Redmi Watch has officially dropped in China and based on what we’ve seen it looks pretty bog-standard. It looks like the generic idea one has for a smartwatch but of course, that’s not what’s important. Xiaomi and Redmi are all about that pricing model which in the case of this particular watch is pretty appealing…


Redmi Watch, Redmi do

Let’s talk about specifics though. The smartwatch features a 1.4in rectangular, curved glass display and comes in a whole bunch of different colours, including black, white and blue variations. You can get the silicon strap in even more colours, including green and pink if you’re feeling snazzy. You can control the watch entirely through the touchscreen watch face or through the Mi Fit app on your smartphone.

It also comes with Bluetooth 5.0, a heart rate monitor, waterproofing for up to 50m. Most impressive is the battery life which will apparently last for 7 days or, if you switch on the power-saver mode, up to 12 days.

The Redmi Watch is selling for 299 yuan which roughly converts out to R690 at the time of writing, which isn’t a bad price for a smartwatch. Sure, it might not have all the functionality of something more high end like an Apple Watch but for that entry price, you can probably live without a few bells and whistles. We don’t know if the Redmi Watch is coming to South Africa but we’ll keep you in the loop if and when we find out.

(Source: The Verge)


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