YouTube video chapters get an AI-overhaul


As YouTube video lengths start to rival Netflix movie lengths, YouTube’s introduced a nifty feature called ‘chapters’. Although not completely new, the feature is gaining a few useful tools that’ll make creating and navigating chapters far more streamlined. 

YouTube‘s video chapters will now get an AI upgrade that’ll help creators save much more time when compiling them. The feature was recently tested using machine learning techniques, and will automatically add chapters to uploaded videos. 

“We want to make it easier for people to navigate videos with video chapters, so we are experimenting with automatically adding video chapters (so creators don’t have to manually add timestamps). We’ll use machine learning to recognize text in order to auto-generate video chapters. We’re testing this out with a small group of videos,” Google announced on its YouTube test features and experiments page.

What makes chapters useful, is giving viewers the ability to skip right to the section they really want to see. Like, in a DIY compilation, for example, you’ll be able to skip right to the actual project and miss all the useless drivel. 

The new AI-powered chapters feature will take the pressure off creators to section their own videos into chapters, by having computers do it. At this point, AI is really just providing useful tools that make our lives easier, honestly. 

Source: TNW


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