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Don’t you just hate paying for streaming services? Yeah, it’s important to pay directors, actors and teams who put content together just for us but it’s such a drag sometimes. Well, you’re in luck because Showmax has just announced a completely free ad-supported subscription for people who don’t want to pay for its content. 

The local video streaming service has “introduced a subscription-free streaming service in South Africa,” according to the press release. Named ‘Showmax Free’, the service is designed to reach more people who may not be convinced by the service’s options yet. This way, users can stream content without paying for it. You’ll just pay them by watching a few ads in-between content. 

Show me the Showmax

You also won’t have access to all shows and movies usually offered by the service. The free tier only allows for a tailored set of content just for this tier. “Showmax Free features a hand-picked content slate that gives customers an opportunity to sample some of Showmax’s award-winning entertainment,” the press release reads. 

The free tier will include “local movies, series and sports shows” — so you’ll basically have access to DStv-esque content as well as some Showmax Original shows. This includes things like The River; Gomora, Somizi & Mohale: The Union and Life With Kelly Khumalo.

It’s a great deal, considering you’re not paying a cent to access some great local content. We’re guessing the service will bolster these offerings to make it look appetising enough for people to dish out some cash on a Premium subscription. The ads will be shown during playback of content (like… in the middle of shows?) and will include prompts to upgrade to Showmax paid plans. This takes us back to the 8 o’clock eTV movie days. 

The best part? You won’t need to sign up for an account when accessing the free service. You can access it through the Showmax apps on mobile as well as the web-browser — head here to check it out. 


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