Samsung rolls our SmartThings Find to track your lost stuff


South Africans have the ability to (more so than many other nations) lose their things. Mostly things worth a lot of money. Most of the time those things weren’t lost, but stolen. Which is why Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature will be a massive advantage here. 

According to reports, Samsung’s SmartThings Find feature is finally rolling out globally. It was previously only accessible in the US, UK and South Korea as a trial of sorts, but Samsung reckons the tech is ready for the mass market. SmartThings Find will allow Samsung device owners to locate not only their Samsung smartphones, but also any Galaxy brand tablets, smartwatches, and earbuds that are theirs. 

SmartThings Find my buddies

Even though the feature is launching globally according to the smartphone manufacturer, it also notes that there may be limitations depending on the network, carrier and area. So we’re hoping South African carriers are geared for the feature — because we desperately need it. 

Similar to the Find My iPhone feature on Apple, the SmartThings Find capability will function using a combination Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ultra-wideband (UWB) services to locate devices. It’ll function on any Android device that’s outfitted with Android 8 or later. “Once users register for the service, they’ll be able to use SmartThings Find to track down Galaxy gadgets even when they’re not connected to any mobile network. (Though Samsung does not say explicitly whether the service works with devices that are powered off.)” The Verge explains. 

Once activated, the SmartThings app will display the location of all your Galaxy buddies (or tablets or watches) on a map. If you get close enough to the device, you’ll be prompted that you can make it ring to easily track it down. Happy hunting. 

Source: The Verge


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