Logitech has unveiled the Ergo M575 Bluetooth with a massive trackball


The one thing we’ve always felt a computer mouse needed was a… gigantic trackball. That’s what Logitech reckons, as it unveiled its brand new Ergo M575, a wireless trackball mouse that looks similar to the iconic M570 model. This time, however, we’re graced with some Bluetooth LE functionality that the predecessor lacked. 

If you think about it, the addition of Bluetooth LE support makes the M575 feel slightly late to the party, but it’s a welcome one. This will allow users to use the M575 with just about any desktop, laptop or mobile device including iPad, MacBook or PCs that don’t have a USB-A port. If you’re lucky enough to still rock a machine with a USB-A port, it’ll also work via 2.4Ghz wireless if you decide to use the included dongle.

It’s cool because the M575 looks almost identical to the M570, so you’ll be used to the strange ergonomic shape if you’ve owned the predecessor. You get the same shape, trackball on the thumb, left and right buttons as well as a scroll wheel and two programmable buttons. 

The subtle ridges on the palm rest apparently give the user better grip on the device, as well as being more comfortable (according to Logitech). A strange addition is a shinier ball (because that’s what the kids want these days), and an improved laser detector that improves accuracy up to 2,000dpi. 

According to Logitech, you’ll get a good 24 months between charges when using the dongle, or 20 months with Bluetooth LE connectivity. We’re hoping to see this mouse in SA soon so we can put it to the ultimate test and roll it down a bowling alley.

Source: 9to5Mac


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