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Internet access is more than just a nice to have, now it’s something you have to have. Whether you’re working from home, getting the kids’ homework done in time or attending online classes (something both the kids and adults do these days), you’ve got to have one thing: an internet connection. But a fast, reliable internet connection? That’s nice to have. 

Vodacom’s Home Internet solution is just what you’re looking for. Starting from R549pm and offering speeds and data caps that’ll suit any budget, getting your home connected has never been simpler. 

Getting up to speed

Vodacom Home Internet offers access at speeds of 10Mbps or 20Mbps, with two data cap options for each. On the 10Mbps front, you’ve got the option of 100GB/100GB per month – a total of 200GB split between Anytime and Night Owl data which comes in at R549 per month on a 36-month contract. There’s also the 200GB/200GB option, similarly split down the middle. Either is a fantastic option for homes looking for basic usage – some light streaming, nothing too heavy on the downloads, and a fair chunk of monthly video.

Or you could splash out on a 20Mbps connection, with its 600GB (300GB/300GB) and 800GB (400GB/400GB) data cap options. These are more intensive packages, with the largest being ideal for gamers, streamers and those with a lot of heavy lifting to do on the upload/download front. No matter what your usage case is, Vodacom’s got a deal – and a speed – that’ll suit you. 

Plug and play

No matter which of Vodacom’s contracts catch your eye, each and every one comes standard with one of Huawei’s B535-932 CPE 4G wireless routers. These make it easy for you to get connected, simple to set up without having to run wires in your home. The only thing better than quick internet access is quick internet access that you don’t have to jump through hoops for. 

And Huawei’s B535-932 CPE 4G router is an advanced little sucker. You can connect up to 64 devices at once, but you should probably opt for the 20Gbps/800GB package if you’re going to run that many gadgets at once. Also, where the heck are you keeping your tech? A warehouse? And if you’re feeling old-school or are rocking some serious legacy tech, you’ll also find that there’s space on the router to connect via Ethernet. You know, so that everyone in your home is taken care of – even that old PC without a WiFi connection. 

Get started

How you use your copious amounts of high-speed data really is up to you. It could be for educational purposes, or entertainment or work, but in our new, isolated world the reality is likely to be a mixture of all three. It’s an increasing fact that you have to have it, whether it’s for work or leisure. Make sure that the internet access you have works for you. 

Vodacom Home Internet’s packages are available over 24 or 36 months. With two speeds and two data bundles per speed, that’s a whole lot of choice. There are twelve different price points for you to choose from, available directly from Vodacom, with each netting you everything you need to get connected. It’s mostly down to making a choice – what do you see your connected life looking like?

Come home to Vodacom Home Internet, the easiest, most affordable way to get connected and stay online. #StayConnected.


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