The Samsung S30 may not come bundled with a charger


Probably the most controversial thing announced at the recent Apple keynote event, is that the new iPhone 12 devices won’t come bundled with a charger block and earphones. This was done under the guise of ‘sustainability’, but we all know Apple’s just trying to milk its users even more. Unfortunately for us, it looks like other smartphone manufacturers may follow suit. 

According to a new report, it looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S30 (or S21, we don’t know yet) may come without a charger or earphones in the box. A Korean site called ChosunBiz published the claims this week, citing that Samsung may only supply new phone buyers with a SIM tool in the box and no additional accessories. 

Not my charger

The new Samsung flagship lineup is scheduled to launch earlier than usual in 2021, with early rumours suggesting we’ll see the lineup as early as January. It’ll be interesting to see whether Samsung follows suit with its rival Apple and removes all the additional accessories from the box. 

We expect to see Samsung justify the move by citing a reduction in the company’s environmental footprint. But as Android Authority reports, removing accessories from their phone boxes is also a smart financial move, as it should help boost sales of their wireless earbud and charging range — we all know that’s where tech companies make the most cash. 

This is already the case with some of its previous models, with Galaxy S20 Ultra users already having to shell out an extra R1,000 for the 45W charger that allows them to make use of the fast-charging mode on the device. 

We’ll need to wait and see what the Korean smartphone manufacturer announced come 2021. It won’t be a smart move, as one of the big things differentiating Android devices at this point is the inclusion of the charger and headphones )sometimes even a smartphone cover in-the-box).

Source: Android Authority


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