Fall Guys Season 2 started last night, bringing it with a medieval flair


While Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout might have seemed like a game that should have come and gone with little fan fare, a real flash in the pan, it’s turned out to be one of the year’s most successful games. Launching at a time when the world needed some light-hearted fun and a distraction from the fears and worries of the outside world, Fall Guys has risen to prominence as one of the most beloved titles of the year, crushing viewing numbers on Twitch and Steam. Yet the game is just getting started as the Fall Guy’s second season kicked off last night and brought with it a load of new features.

The big additions brought by this season include four new levels, three new features, a load of new cosmetics to unlock and some quality of life improvements. The cosmetics are largely themed around medieval fantasy, allowing players to unlock and customise their Fall Guy to look like a gallant knight, adorable witch or not-very-menacing dragon. You’ll also be able to take customisation to the next level with a random outfit generator and the ability to mix and match nameplates and banners.

Ready to Fall Guys?

In terms of levels, the ones that have been added include Knight Fever, Wall Guys, Hoopsie Legends and the one we’re most interested in Egg Siege which appears to involve gathering and yeeting eggs into a goal. Yeah, count us in, that sounds like great fun.

The other great addition is the Show Selector option, which allows players to select what kind of levels they’d like to play. If you’re feeling in the mood for only gauntlets, or you can set it to include every level in Fall Guys. Mediatonic have said that more shows will become available as more levels are added and the season goes on, meaning players will be able to shape their experience however they want!

It seems like a fairly substantial update to the game and I’m sure fans of Fall Guys are probably losing their mind of all the new content. Season 2 is currently live now and if you’ve somehow missed out on all the Fall Guys hype, you can pick it up on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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