No Time To Die, James Bond’s latest adventure, has been delayed to next year


James Bond never lets anything stop him from getting the job done. He’s been in several plane crashes, been shot on numerous occasions and, we’re fairly certain, must have contracted some form of virus from all his… extramural activities. When staring down a global pandemic, James Bond doesn’t care. He goes all out and ensures that his latest movie, No Time To Die, is out in cinemas regardless of COVID-19. He’s not scared of… oh, wait what was that? Apparently he’s not keen on encouraging loads of other people to put their lives on the line just to watch his new movie? Wow, now that’s impressive. That’s what a real hero does, right? We’re sure it has nothing to do with a potential loss of profit. Just full-on heroism.

Doctor? No. 

In a move announced this weekend, No Time To Die is now delayed by an entire year. Bond’s 25th film has had a really bad time just trying to get out on the circuit as it’s been plagued by delay after delay. It was originally meant to launch in November of 2019 but this was pushed to February 2020, then April of this year due to unknown reasons. Then, the world closed its doors as the COVID-19 pandemic seeped in everywhere, forcing the film to be pushed back to November. Now No Time To Die has been delayed once again in “order to be seen by a worldwide theatrical audience.”

Basically, the producers of No Time To Die, they being Metro Goldwyn and Universal, want to release the movie into a world where every cinema has once again opened instead, of in selected countries. It’s a profits thing, we’re sure, as major theatrically released blockbusters such as the Christopher Nolan epic Tenet, raked in less cash due to opening in a smaller range of cinemas worldwide. At least, that’s the case according to industry analysts. This no doubt spooked the producers of No Time To Die.

Bond’s latest adventure, and the last featuring Daniel Craig as the man himself, will now release on 2 April 2021. This will hopefully be enough time for the world to get back to some sense of normality.

(Source: The Verge)




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