Square selfies all the way – Fujifilm announces the Instax SQ1


Arguably the best instant camera format, the square shape is timeless. Which is likely why Fujifilm just revealed the SQ1 instant camera, built on the same format we’ve seen with predecessors SQ20 and SQ10. Just this time, it’s slightly cheaper and brings special features to the selfie generation. 

Following the launch of the adorable Instax Mini 11, the SQ1 pack features including Automatic Exposure (that we saw in the Mini 11) and One-Touch Selfie Mode. It’s also available in a few colour variations, including Terracotta Orange, Glacier Blue and Chalk White.

“Once the shutter is pressed the film automatically feeds out from the top of the device, taking approximately 90 seconds to develop,” the press release reads. As far as Instax cameras go, the functionality is pretty standard, with an extendable lens, flash, shutter button and viewfinder. 

The really cool feature this time around though, is the One-Touch Selfie mode which is designed specifically for selfies and close-up shots. Users activate this mode by simply rotating the lens from ‘On’ to ‘Selfie’ mode. This will allow for slightly more exposure and focus on the main subject, producing a clear selfie every time. 

In terms of availability, the Instax SQ1 will be available in all three the colour options, but local pricing has not been confirmed yet. But judging from the international recommended retail price of €129,99, the SQ1 should come in at just shy of R3,000.


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