Apple One was announced last night…but what exactly is it?


You know we’re starting to reach a saturation point when it comes to subscription services when Apple announces that it’s providing another subscription service for the sole reason of keeping all of your other subscription services in line. It’s dumb, ridiculous and very much an Apple idea but at the same time, creating all these different services and then providing a way for users to simplify the process… look, that’s clever. I think I’ve got ahead of myself. For those of you who didn’t watch Apple’s event last night one of the big announcements was the launch of Apple One, a service that takes all your subscriptions for Apple’s bounty of services and groups them into one convenient payment.

Well, technically it’s three different potential payment plans depending on what options you want to include in your Apple One package. Would be pretty garbage if Apple forced you into paying for Apple Arcade if you never played games, right? Although I wouldn’t exactly put it past them. The three unique plans are designed to accommodate as many users as possible, each coming in with unique costs.

Firstly, the Individual Plan is for individuals. Obviously. Coming in at $15 dollars a month, this Apple One plan covers Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade and iCloud (with 50GB of storage) that can be used by a single person. Secondly, if you have a family you don’t want feeling left out, you can sign up for the Family Plan. This subscription will cost you $20 a month and includes all of the above services but six people can make use of them. Oh, and the iCloud storage is upped to 200GB.

Finally, there’s a Premier Plan because of course there is. The Premier Plan includes the above-mentioned services, with 2TB of iCloud storage, Apple News Plus and Apple Fitness Plus in the countries that offer those. This plan will cost you $30, which is significantly less than paying for all six services at once.

Actually, if you’re the sort of person who’s all in on Apple, this method of payment is a great deal. Every plan comes in cheaper than if you were paying separately for each service, so it’s a pretty solid.

As always, if you’re in SA you’ll have to wait a while to use Apple One. At launch it’s only available in Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK but one, one day, we should eventually get it.

(Source: CNET)


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