How to Meet your colleagues’ faces on your TV using Google Chromecast


Because Google Meet on a smartphone isn’t big enough, you can now use a Chromecast to join videoconferencing sessions on your TV. Google is now rolling out an update that’ll enable users to join Google Meet sessions using devices with Chromecast

Although we’re not convinced this is the way forward, especially if you’re working from home and have family members who hog the TV during the day, it’s nice to have the option, we guess? This will allow you to see Anthony from finance’s pores in 4K on your massive display, if you really want to. 

How does it work? As with most things Google, it’s fairly straightforward. Download the latest version of Chrome to your desktop or laptop, and make sure you’ve updated your Chromecast as well. Obviously, you’ll need Google’s browser on your device, which will act as the main hub. Meet will use the camera, microphone and audio from your device with the Chrome browser on it as your webcam (most TVs don’t have webcams yet, so that’s the reason). 

So all you’re basically doing is casting your meeting to the TV, not actually joining via the TV. So when your meeting is set up in Chrome, there will be an option to cast the meeting before you join. You’ll also have the ability to cast the meeting partway through a meeting, if you wish. 

And that’s it, folks! You can make your colleagues look like they’re starring in the next big Netflix original.

Source: The Verge


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