Google reveals Chromecast, hopes to turn every HDTV into a smart TV


Google yesterday revealed a new dongle intended for the average USB-enabled TV. The device, called Chromecast, has become available for $35 (R350) and will allow users to “…send videos and more from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV with the press of a button.”

Chromecast will be able to stream video content from devices as well as through an internet connection, permitting users to use Android or iOS devices as a remote control for the dongle’s functions.

The Chromecast addition for TVs only streams YouTube, Google Play and Netflix content at the moment but additional functions are expected to be added at a later stage.

Adding smart TV functionality to a standard HDTV at Google’s chosen price for the Chromecast is pretty tempting but unfortunately, while the device is on sale already overseas, it is not available in South Africa just yet.

Source: CNN


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