Didn’t see that coming: Oracle is also said to be interested in purchasing TikTok


If you’re very seriously into tech, you might be familiar with Oracle. We haven’t paid them much attention at Stuff because… well, they’re boring. The last really exciting thing Oracle did was get into a fight with Google and even that was kinda… boring.

New year, new me?

But now the company known for Sun Microsystems, database software, middleware and server hardware might actually do something worth paying attention to. According to the Financial Times, Oracle has thrown its hat into the ring when it comes to saving TikTok. Try and picture that for a second… TikTok, one of the most popular and exciting social media platforms on the planet, being owned by Oracle, a company that’s about as exciting as a ham sandwich without ham. Weird, right?

The company is already reported to be in preliminary talks with ByteDance about acquisition. Oracle is now vying with Microsoft to be the video service’s new American owner, but the report claims that the company is after more than just the American operations. Oracle is said to be “seriously considering” taking over TikTok from ByteDance for most of the Western world. That’d be the States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Which is fair enough. The clock is ticking for ByteDance, and that November deadline will be here before you know it. In a fight between Oracle and Microsoft over who gets to run the service, we’d obviously want Microsoft to take the reins. But, as when Donald Trump first announced he was running for president of the States, there’s also a part of us curious about what Oracle would do with the service. They can’t possible make a bigger mess of things than Trump has with America. Can they?


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