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Turns out, we do need an education. When kids are stuck at home, you realise the true value of school isn’t learning. It’s peace and quiet around the house. Hand an iPad with these apps to your child for a few hours of blissful, educational silence. Sure, it might not be the same as trusting a trained teacher to impart all the necessary valuable knowledge, such as tying shoelaces or a crash course on the History of Conflict in the Middle East (teach ’em young) but these apps will do wonders to stimulate their growing minds and, most importantly, net you just a hint of tranquility.

Duolingo Kids – Free/iOS

The insanely popular language learning app has branched outinto basic literacy for kids just battling to string letters together. Duolingo Kids is exactly what your little ones need to brush up on their ABCs and figure out the loose rules of English. Daily lessons are designed to improve their skills. This free app will have them reading Twain before most adults who say they’ll get around to him someday.

WWF Together – Free/iOS

Reading and maths are super important, don’t get us wrong, but it also pays to just know more about the world around us, right? The World Wildlife Fund compiled this app to help teach kids about the environment, animals and what they can do to help save the world in their own small way. Gorgeous visuals, tons of interactive elements and loads of information makes for an essential learning experience,

Mental Maths 5-6 – R60/iOS

It might be everyone’s least favourite subject, but math is essential for developing brains. This handy app, published by Bloomsbury, offers a range of exercises and activities based on topics such as fractions, time,
counting and all the different forms of sums your kids would be learning in the classroom. There are even built-in tests for your kids to practice on, to really simulate the misery of school.

Khan Academy Kids – Free/Android, iOS

We suspect that most modern day teenagers wouldn’t get through high school without the help of Khan Academy. With the addition of a dedicated kids app, your precious darlings will have access to free world class education at the press of a button. With courses on maths, literacy, emotional wellbeing and social skills, Khan Academy Kids is one of the tightest, most generous education apps.

My Very Hungry Caterpillar – Free (IAPs)/Android, iOS

Who among us has not heard of this insatiable insect and his everlasting desire for food? The beloved kid’s book has been adapted into an app that offers plenty for kids to learn and do. With an emphasis on teaching communication, nurturing and respect for others, your children will be attached to their very own hungry caterpillar in no time. It’s a little expensive to unlock, though.

Dr Seuss’s ABC: AR Version – R70/Android, iOS

Wanna teach your kids the alphabet and blow their minds at the same time? This adaption of Dr Seuss’s book has animated characters walking around your home as they explain letters and words, all through the power of augmented reality! Sure, you could just read the book to them but this app provides some interactive exercises to help tricky letters stick in little brains.


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