Big prizes can be won in the new MTN Arena


I don’t care who you are or what dark underbelly of the internet you crawled out from, people who play mobile games deserve as much attention from publishers and esports organisations as those of us who play on PC or console. Mobile gaming is wildly huge and while the infrastructure around large-scale tournament events for mobile versions of games isn’t nearly as established something like The International for Dota 2, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist in the first place. The local scene especially is growing and MTN is throwing its hat into the ring by establishing the MTN Arena, which promises some massive prizes for those who compete. And win, obviously. This isn’t a charity program.

MTN Arena is bringing “daily, weekly and monthly” mobile gaming tournaments to folks that sign up for the R3 a day subscription service. Paying the fee means you can participate in tournaments for “X-Wing fighter, Star Wars Rebels Special Ops, Spiderman Mysterio Rush and Angry Flappy Wings” and others as you compete for a share of the monthly 100,000 prize pool. Not only that, but the subscription nets you access to a catalogue of “premium mobile games such as Asphalt Nitro, NOVA Legacy, PAC-MAN and Sonic Runners Adventure.”

“We believe that the future of e-sports is mobile. In making prize tournaments available to the mass market in an inexpensive way, and without the need for large downloads, we hope to give our customers a new, exciting digital experience, whilst opening up the world of competitive gaming to users who would not normally have access to tournaments,” says Ernst Fonternel, Chief Digital Officer for MTN South Africa.
MTN Arena is available on all iOS and Android phones, tablets and desktops. If you fancy signing up for that daily subscription deal and accessing Arena, sign up

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