Spotify adds option for remote party playlists


Don’t you miss listening to music with your friends? Sure, it’s easy to enjoy an album or new track by yourself but music should be shared, right? There’s something special about listening to your friend’s favourite songs, learning their likes and dislikes and then giving them recommendations. It’s how we expand our tastes and learn about artists and genres we may have missed entirely. Considering the world kind of ended a few months ago, it’s been tough to bridge that divide. That’s the story behind Spotify’s new remote party playlists which lets a whole gang of premium subscribers listen to a collective playlist at the same time.

Hanging out

The idea is that you and your friends can build a playlist from tracks you want to listen to together and then do just that. One person can get the ball rolling by creating a link from the ‘Connect’ menu and then sharing it around with whoever they want to listen with. Everyone who has the link can build and shuffle the playlist while listening as a party. Songs can be added and removed in real time, so make sure you share the link with friends that aren’t going to completely ruin your vibe. The Group Session is currently in beta, so we can see some kind of voting system being implemented to ensure one person doesn’t ruin the playlist.

It’s a neat idea for people just hanging out together-but-separately to at least kind of simulate the experience of listening to music with friends. Of course, you could just hop onto a Discord server and add a music bot to get the same effect without having to share around a link in external apps but we suppose doing it through Spotify is the most…immediate way to go about it? You could throw on a game of Minecraft or Destiny 2 and jam to some tunes together with your buds, something which we’ve been doing quite a bit in lockdown. It definitely helps improve the mood.

(Source: Engadget)


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