Have your say on government’s policy allowing mobile networks to build a 5G tower on your property


Here’s one that’s sure to rile the conspiracy theorists up — the South African government has a new policy in the works that would allow mobile networks to build cellular infrastructure like towers or 5G stations on your property. They wouldn’t have to ask you about it, either. More… tell you that it’s going to happen.

In the name of progress

The point is to accelerate the deployment of communications networks in South Africa, which means that you’re not really being given a choice. According to Dear South Africa, the policy “…gives mobile networks and other licensees the right to select, enter, and use public or private land for the deployment of their network infrastructure.”

You won’t be compensated for this and you won’t be able to charge for it, except in very specific circumstances and even then it’s not going to make you any money. Whatever the network builds will belong to the network, even if it lives on your property, and they’ll need to have access to it whenever it’s required. It may be that the answer to “Who let the dogs out?” will one day be “Vodacom”. It’s not just something they’re ‘allowed’ to do, however — there will be an objections step built into the notification-of-intent process that mobile network operators are required to abide by.

The policy covers everything from 5G stations, which tend to be a little smaller, to “more intrusive electronic communications networks or facilities, such as masts.” It’s not set in stone yet, however, so there’s still time to object to government’s policy.


If you’ve got any objections or comments, you can take yourself over to Dear South Africa which has a form for comment that goes directly to those concerning. If you’re keen on the idea, because you want some sweet, sweet 5G in your home, then you can say that. But if you’d rather not have MTN and Vodacom stomping on your flowerbeds, you can say that too. Whether government will listen… that’s another story.


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