Samsung’s bringing flagship features to its Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 handsets via software update


It seems a little strange to us that Samsung appears to be treating its flagship smartphones as test-beds for features that later roll out to… shall we say, less-capable handsets in the Galaxy range. Camera features were sent back in time last year, from Note 10 to the S10 range, and that’s becoming a pattern.

One that Samsung fans might be keen on since the latest raft of improvements have come from Samsung’s Galaxy S20 handsets and are being given to the company’s midrange headliners: the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71.

On camera

The bulk of the new features concern the camera. The A51 and A71 are getting Samsung’s Single Take, that AI-powered function that uses all of your camera and video options at once to serve up the ‘best’ of the lot when you’re done.

Also added are Pro Mode options, like manual shutter speed control and manual focus — features that were absent from the mid-rangers upon release. Samsung’s adding its MyFilters and Night Hyperlapse functions to the handsets as well, for… well, for filtered images and better night photography, respectively.

Smarter smartphones

There are a handful of other features coming to the Galaxy A51 and A71. Two sharing options, Quick Share and Music Share, are being added. The first is an easy way to connect with nearby users and share files, while Music Share lets a user connect to someone else’s Bluetooth audio device without having to perform any setup. Just connect to the other user and ‘borrow’ their settings.

The Galaxy mid-rangers will also predict apps when users swipe down the Android tray, translation functions are being added to the keyboard (along with several other tweaks), and Samsung’s bringing its Clean View and Quick Crop features over from the Galaxy S20 as well.

As for when you’ll see it live, Samsung hasn’t said. But GSMArena has spotted the updates out in the wild already for the A51 so odds are they’re on the way.


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