Audi reveals the edgier Sportback E-Tron SUV


Remember last year? When Stuff got a good look at Audi’s new EV, the E-Tron at the motor show? How those were the days, when we could leave our houses. Well, Audi has announced a new shape for the highly anticipated EV in the form of the Sportback Q4.

The newly revealed Q4 Sportback version brings an undeniable sporty edge to the EV — now this is no doubt something we can work with, friends. This Sportback version is apparently aimed at serving as a smaller and more affordable option to the flagship E-Tron that’ll be available from next year (no local pricing yet, soz).

According to The Verge, “[t]he Q4 and the Q4 Sportback are ‘identical twins’ from a technical perspective”. This just means that the new version is powered by the exact same motor you’ll find in the base Q4 — Volkswagen’s modular “MEB” platform. MEB is just short for the German phrase for ‘modular electric drive matrix’, if you were wondering. 

Range vs bang

So it looks like the Q4 Sportback will be powered by a twin-motor setup that generates a total 225kW of power all of which is kept going by an 82kWh battery. But we really want to know about range — when it comes to EVs, raw horsepower isn’t what you want. Here you want more range for your Bucks. 

According to reports, that 82kWh battery should give the Q4 Sportback a range of 450km, which is a decent bet for people who live in one city and rarely travel. Which is the one main downside of investing in an EV. 

Lucky for us, Audi likes bringing EVs down to South Africa, so we might even find these on our roads sometime next year — it’ll just cost more than most can afford, but we can dream, right?


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