Apex Legends is coming to the Switch, with cross-platform play confirmed


Apex Legends, the ridiculously fun battle royale title no-one expected to launch last year, will now come to a smaller format in the shape of a Switch title. EA hosted its launch stream last night, you know the one that would generally be held at E3? And there were some exciting announcements. 

Not only will Apex Legends come to the Nintendo Switch, but it’ll also finally come to Steam on PC. The game has only been available on PC via Origin, on the Xbox One, and of course the PlayStation 4 since it launched in February 2019. 

In other exciting news, Apex will also receive cross-platform play capability soon, which means the console players can finally show PC players that they can also aim… Sort of. This isn’t the only EA game that’s coming to Steam, and we can expect to see Titanfall 2, The Sims 4, Dead Space 3, and A Way Out on the platform. Apparently, these are all available on Steam right now. 

This was announced in addition to Season 5’s event trailer, titled ‘Lost Treasures’. The new event will launch on 23 June (yep that’s next week), with cross-platform play coming in the US’s ‘fall’. Which is a fancy way of saying ‘sometime this year before it gets warm again in SA’. 


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