Apple’s 2021 iPads could feature 5G, mini-LED displays


We’re not sure about you but we’re already looking forward to 2021. We’re not saying that 2020 can’t still turn things around but we’re not really holding out any hope, you know? With that in mind, Apple’s 2021 iPad Pro may turn up rocking 5G tech from Qualcomm.

That’s according to anonymous Twitter account L0vetodream — which doesn’t sound like a reputable place to get Apple leak details from, does it? However, The Verge points out, the Twitter account has recently tweeted accurate Apple info in advance of official announcements. Plus, come on, it’s 5G. We’ll have 5G toasters soon enough. There’s no way Apple’s going to miss this.

Captain Obvious?

According to rumour, Apple’s unannounced (but definitely coming) iPad Pro models will feature 5G by way of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 5G modem — which isn’t really much of a stretch to suggest. It’ll probably run alongside a new A14X processor (the initial iteration of which we’ll probably see announced when the new iPhone), a detail supported by noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo also said that Apple’s 2020 iPads would receive mini-LED displays, another corroboration by the L0vetodream Twitter account. The major difference is that timeline — the most recent info claims that we’ll only see mini-LED in Apple’s devices from next year.

As always, it’s only official when Apple says it is. Apple’s boat has become leakier of the years, however, so it’s entirely possible that these rumours are spot on — even this early in the day.

Source: L0vetodream (Twitter) via The Verge


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