Stand back, Google T-Rex! Microsoft Edge’s Surf game is here and way more fun


Who was there for you when your internet connection conked out for the fifth time that week? Wasn’t your service provider, they just kept you on hold the whole time. Your significant other was out at the office, using that powerful business network to get all their projects downloaded. Even your pet, now bored by the lack of tailored YouTube content that played whenever you needed to keep them busy while running errands, has turned their back on you. There was only one thing there for you, willing to provide you with the comfort and support you needed in such a desperate time: The Google T-Rex. Yet while that fun little Easter Egg hidden in the Chrome browser is fun, it has nothing on Surf.

With Microsoft reworking and relaunching their browser, Edge, they’ve included Surf as their version of the No Internet T-Rex. Which, much like the entirety of “new” Edge, is surprisingly good? While T-Rex just requires correctly timed jumps to proceed, Surf has a variety of playable characters, power-ups, multiple game modes and some cute little animations that certainly make for a better-looking game than the very low pixel count of T-Rex. The best part is, you don’t need internet to play it. Which, I suppose, is almost essential to compete with T-Rex.

If you want to give it a go, just type in “edge://surf” in the search bar at the top of Edge and you’ll immediately be taken to the game. It’s remarkably robust and even offers controller support if you want to be a real try-hard. Or you can just play with your keyboard or touch screen, like a person that has nothing to prove. It’s really neat and you should totally check it out! It’s a Wednesday, do you actually have anything important to do?

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