Vivo’s new phone, the X50, is an awesome bit of the dystopian 2020 we didn’t want


Chinese phone-maker Vivo just teased a new smartphone, complete with a gimbal-like camera module on the back. The video, posted on Weibo, features the camera module, with a creepy cyclops-esque camera sensor set atop a robotic Doc Ock-armed device. It’s creepy as hell, but we’re still excited to see Vivo’s new creation come to life. 

The upcoming flagship phone, called the Vivo X50, features a periscope telephoto lens, two normal-looking lenses and an abnormally large module that looks like the primary camera. Even more wild, is the fact that this large lens can rotate and turn, as if on a gimbal, inside the camera module. We’re guessing the larger sensor allows for more light to enter the camera, which will make it a blast for low-light photography. And the fact that the sensor can turn inside the module points to improved stabilisation tech. 

A while ago, Vivo teased a concept device called Apex 2020 which featured a similar idea, with a 48MP-stabilisation camera sensor on board. Obviously Vivo figured out how to realise the concept, with the X50 being the first go-to-market flagship with this tech installed. 

Remember yesterday? If you were paying attention, you’ll know that Samsung announced a new midrange camera sensor called the ISOCELL GN1 sensor. The Verge spotted that a Vivo product manager posted about the new sensor on Weibo, so this might be the sensor we’re looking at for the X50. It’s a pretty sizeable camera, which would make sense in this case. 

Apparently Vivo has a launch event planned for 1 June, which means we’ll see more details on specs and whatnot on that day. Stay tuned. 


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