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Digit, Ford’s vision of our future robot overlords, fits in the boot of a car and delivers things

The end of humanity isn't going to come as a result of military robots taking it into their silicon heads to wipe us all out. It's going to be the result of domestic robots doing that very thing. At least, that's how the science fiction goes. And seeing Digit, the creation of Ford and a robotics startup called Agility Robotics, hasn't really assured us that things will go otherwise. But that's mos...[Read More]

A robot that can touch, eat and sleep? The reality of cyborgs like Alita: Battle Angel

Alita: Battle Angel is an interesting and wild ride, jam-packed full of concepts around cybernetics, dystopian futures and cyberpunk themes. The film – in cinemas from today – revolves around Alita (Rosa Salazar), a female cyborg (with original human brain) that is recovered by cybernetic doctor Dyson Ido (Christoph Waltz) and brought into the world of the future (the film is set in 2563).

5 ways to help robots work together with people

For most people today, robots and smart systems are servants that work in the background, vacuuming carpets or turning lights on and off. Or they’re machines that have taken over repetitive human jobs from assembly-line workers and bank tellers. But the technologies are getting good enough that machines will be able work alongside people as teammates – much as human-dog teams handle tasks like hun...[Read More]

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas is now way more athletic than we’ll ever be

Don’t try to run, the robots will be able to find you. At least, that’s the case if someone decides to send Boston Dynamics’ Altas after you. We’ve seen Atlas running through fields, we’ve seen the guy landing backflips, and now Boston Dynamics’ bipedal robot can do parkour. Yeah, we’re doomed. Okay, maybe we’re not doomed. Altas’ creators are ...[Read More]

Sphero launches Bolt, a programmable robot for children

The most influential time for a human to start learning how to program is arguably in the developmental years — try teaching a four-year-old a new language. Now try teaching your grandmother how to use an iPhone. Who won? Now try it again, this time using Sphero’s programmable Bolt robo-ball. We all know Sphero as the folks who allowed some of the most-loved Star Wars droids to come to...[Read More]

Meet the MUTT, a robot with a machine gun

We see a lot of robots out there. Boston Dynamics is making some great ones, all modelled after real animals that we can’t even compete with in their animal forms, but the US Military is also building a couple of interesting models. There’s no doubt that their efforts, like the MUTT, are designed for the express purpose of putting holes into other things rather than sprinting naturally...[Read More]

Lego launches Lego Life, its own social network aimed at kids

Just about everyone has their own social network. Hipsters and food photographers have Instagram, old people have Facebook, the younger crowd has Snapchat and the permanently-terrified have Twitter. What about the much younger set, though? Right, now they have Lego Life. Lego Life has been made for kids who are Lego fans and under the age of 13. As such, the available features are quite specifical...[Read More]

This is what it looks like inside Roborace’s robot-driven race car

Hold on to your stomach because this is going to feel a bit strange. Roborace, the upcoming race series that will see driverless vehicles duking it out (and in all likelihood crashing it up, at first) on the track, has put together the second of a series of behind-the-scenes looks at Roborace’s early days. In Episode 2 (above), we’re given a look at DevBot testing — including a h...[Read More]

Can I trust my robot? And should my robot trust me?

If we are serious about long-term human presence in space, such as manned bases on the moon or Mars, we must figure out how to streamline human-robot interactions. Right now, even the most basic of robots seem to have impenetrable brains. When I bought an autonomous vacuum cleaner, one that roams the house on its own, I thought I was going to save time and be able to enjoy a book or a movie, or pl...[Read More]

Light Start – Samsung Waffle, PiDrive, cross-platform play, and a kitchen robot

Samsung want you to meet Waffle, a social media app that… has a point, apparently Samsung have come up with some great concepts. The Galaxy S7, for one, and the Gear VR, but they’ve also given us a few howlers. We’ll leave it up to you to decide which of the two Waffle is. Waffle is a “content-sharing application”, while lets you share content with the people you̵...[Read More]

Yamaha’s motorcycle-riding Motobot “was created to surpass you”

Yeah, that’s not creepy at all. This is a promo video for Yamaha’s motorcycle robot, called Motobot. And the supposed voice of Motobot, in the opening minutes of this video, does indeed claim that it “was created to surpass you.” And who knows, it might even achieve it some day. For now though, Motobot seems to know its own limitations. It can’t react to events on the...[Read More]

Help crowdfund this car-juggling giant robot today!

It’s not often we see a robot, even a concept, as cool as the BugJuggler. Seemingly inspired by the robots from Pacific Rim, it’s a 70 foot-tall giant capable of picking up, tossing and catching cars with its hydraulic arms. A “pilot” climbs a ladder into the BugJuggler’s head and controls its arms through motion-sensing controls. Essentially, when the pilot moves, the robot tries to match his or ...[Read More]

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