The upcoming Sony ZV-1 looks like the perfect camera for vloggers on the go


Vlogging can be a tough life. Not that we’d know, none of the Stuff crew are emotionally stable enough to share every intimate detail of our lives with thousands of strangers on the internet. Yet you can bet that if we did try our hand at vlogging, we’d only invest in the snazziest, neatest little webcam we could get our hands on. If we’d be willing to wait a bit, then Sony’s latest compact camera would probably be our first choice. Of course, the Sony ZV-1 hasn’t actually been announced just yet but all signs are pointing to confirmation very soon.

Sony recently tweeted out a teaser image for a “new compact camera” and from the hazy and silhouetted details, one is lead to believe that’s the shape of the Sony ZV-1, something we only know about due to previous leaks. According to Sony Alpha Rumorsthe ZV-1 has been in development for some time and will boast the usual impressive tech that Sony somehow manages to pack into such a tiny body.

Equipped with an articulating screen, hot-shoe to attach a microphone and a shiny red button for recording, it’s everything a vlogger needs to run around and…do stuff. Cook food and…walk a bit. Whatever it is that vloggers spend most of their time doing. Oh, and eye-based autofocus which is an absolute blessing when you’re both talking into and controlling the camera.

Sony Alpha Rumors is making several comparisons to one of Sony’s flagship compact cameras, the RX100. The ZV-1 is reportedly running with a 20MP 1in sensor and a 24-70mm F1.8 – 2.8 lens, alongside a “one-touch” bokeh button. If the ZV-1 does run as magically smoothly as the RX100 with a slightly better grip and optimised software, this little guy may be at the top of every vlogger’s wish list. Or if you just like taking photos and without a big lens in your hand.

(Source: The Verge)


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