Needed something during lockdown? It’s now all available online (except booze and cigarettes)


Lockdown might still be at Level 4 but restrictions appear to be easing. Just… not the ones you really, really want to ease. As of this afternoon, online stores can sell their entire inventory once again — except, of course. alcohol and cigarettes.

Being economical

The change was announced today in a new set of regulations. Basically, online stores can now sell everything — not just the limited amount stock that South Africa’s physical stores were permitted to sell. The easing of online retail restrictions goes into effect immediately, though South African etailers and their attendant couriers will have to comply with a new set of hygiene requirements.

The regulations state “… all goods may be transacted through e-Commerce platforms, except for goods prohibited for sale in terms of regulation 26 and 27 of the Regulations.” Regulations 26 and 27? Yeah, those are the fun ones.

The relaxed restrictions will remain in place and should remain constant even if parts of the country drop to Level 3 and then climb to Level 4 again. At least you’ll still be able to order tablets, smartphones, and groceries online.

Check out the full e-commerce regulations for more details on what your favourite online store now has to do in order to send you whatever the heck you want.


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