Have you ever tried working on a Chromebook before? HP wants you to give it a shot


Announced in a press release this morning, HP reckons too many of us live with our heads in the digital clouds and not doing enough to protect our machines from invaders that want to do us harm. Hey, the cloud can be a super scary place. Filled with…hackers and stuff. Look, HP just wants us all to be a little safe, why can’t you just respect that?

“As businesses and office workers adapt to the new realities of working from home during this unique time, the need for cloud-centric devices that are secure and easy to deploy has never been more critical,” said Andy Rhodes, global head of Commercial Personal Systems, HP Inc. “Our new Chromebooks and mobile thin client solutions are purpose-built to address the needs of business users everywhere…” And to help everyone out, they’ve got some fancy new Chromebooks to provide a secure, efficient means of working from home.

These include the HP Elite c1030 Chromebook Enterprise, the Pro c640 Chromebook Enterprise, and the company’s Chromebook Enterprise 14 G6 which have been “purpose-built for the way people work today” while the HP mt22 Mobile Thin Client and HP ThinPro Go “help drive seamless transitions to virtual workspaces.” They’re snazzy little machines, made for all the worker ants at home at present.

The promise of all these machines is security, durability and premium performance. The device that’s got most of our attention is the HP Pro c640 Chromebook Enterprise which boasts a battery life of 12 hours, the thinnest 14″ Chromebook exterior in the world and comes fitted with WiFi 6 and HP’s proprietary extended range LAN, ideal for those working largely in the cloud.

There are no specifics on when can expect these devices to reach our shores; we just know the general months they’ll be docking. The HP mt22 Mobile Thin Client should launch at the end of May, for R10 999, the HP ThinPro Go will be here in June and everything else should be available by September of this year.

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