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HP Elite Dragonfly lands in SA — the new lightweight business notebook

HP is veering into a more stylish category with its new Elite Dragonfly notebook that is arguably the lightest business notebook around.

Introducing the beautifully contoured overachiever – the HP Spectre X360 Convertible

The HP Spectre X360 (2018) comprises a sculpted aluminium chassis, a hidden hinge and full-size keyboard. The stylish hardware is finished in Dark Ash Silver.

Drop everything and download: Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (yes, it’s available in SA now)

The new instalment from mobile developer Niantic, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is finally available in South Africa. So without further ado: You're a wizard, esteemed Stuff reader. No, really. We’re not merely pulling your strangely long legs (you should really let Madam Pomfrey take a look at those). 

Want a dual-screen gaming laptop? HP’s bringing one to South Africa, sort of

HP recently unveiled the Omen X 2S, a dual-screen gaming laptop, and have confirmed that it’ll come to South Africa.

HP’s Reverb VR headset is landing in SA from April (and will start from R13,000)

So you’re considering a virtual reality headset, are you? Printer and laptop maker HP are hoping to tempt you away from the more established offerings from Facebook-owned Oculus and the HTC/Valve collaboration known as the Vive. Their newest offering is called the Reverb and with it HP hopes that a better pair of screens will make you turn your eyes in its direction. HP’s Reverb headse...[Read More]

HP’s VR headset, codenamed Copper, wants to be easy on the eyes

Virtual reality is coming to homes. Or, at least, it's getting closer than it has at any point in its surprisingly lengthy history. The next arrival may be via computer maker HP, which has a Windows Mixed Reality headset on the way. Codenamed 'Copper', the in-development VR hardware has one thing in particular going for it -- resolution. Lots and lots of resolution. 

HP Spectre Laptop – Sleek. Powerful. Built for concrete jungles.

With exceptionally seductive craftsmanship at just 10.4mm thick, the HP Spectre laptop’s masterfully sculpted chassis with a hidden hinge and full size keyboard is finished in two stunning colour options. Keep going even in dimly lit rooms or aboard red-eye flights. With an illuminated keyboard, you can type comfortably in more environments with a full size edge-to-edge backlit keyboard. You...[Read More]

Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 845 chip will power all of 2018’s big Android phones, and some laptops

Mobile chip maker Qualcomm has announced its forthcoming Snapdragon 845 chip at its Tech Summit in Maui, Hawaii today. Details are still pretty light on the ground, but you can bet there’ll be more specifics as the even unfolds. Not that it matters too much, though. The big news isn’t the specs of the 845, it’s where you’re likely to see it: namely every major flagship Andr...[Read More]

HP’s Omen X Compact Desktop backpack PC is getting ready for launch

Do you have a bunch of money and a burning desire for wire-free virtual reality? Then HP’s Omen X Compact Desktop, due for launch overseas soon, could be the thing your heart is yearning for. Announced back in June, the Omen X Compact Desktop had a few hiccups on its way to market — it was supposed to launch in July this year but it was delayed until this week. Hopefully you were quick...[Read More]

HP’s Z8 workstation is the BMW Roadster of office machinery

If you’re still working at an office with a clunky old 486 and a CRT monitor, we’re… pretty sure that constitutes employee abuse. How about you convince your boss to upgrade you to one of these — HP’s new Z8 workstation, which contains the kind of hardware you need to operate the International Space Station or hack into the NSA. Or use several open instances of PhotoS...[Read More]

HP’s taking another shot at the gaming notebook market with the Omen X

An omen is a sign of an event of great import. The death of a king. The rise of an empire. The final episode of Game of Thrones. You know, things like that. So when HP’s newest gaming notebook is called the Omen X Laptop, you’re supposed to feel almost awed to be privy to knowledge of its existence Which could, you know, almost be how you feel. That’s because HP’s newly-ann...[Read More]

HP’s Omen X desktop PC comes from the future

We’re familiar with HP’s Omen range of PCs but we’re used to seeing the brand on notebooks. The HP Omen X is something different, a desktop machine that looks like it dropped whole and breathing out of a cyberpunk movie. HP isn’t known for its gaming chops but the Omen X looks like an opportunity to change all that. It has been designed to look like a large glowing cube, in...[Read More]

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