The Last of Us Part II has received a new story trailer and it’s looking fantastic


Labelled as the game’s story trailer, it certainly feels like an apology of sorts for all those people desperately avoiding all the leaks and spoilers that made their way out onto the internet a few days ago.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding The Last of Us Part II. The sequel to arguably Sony’s most important game, the original having received some of the most overwhelmingly popular and critical praise of the previous generation, the follow up to the beautifully tragic story of Ellie and Joel is almost upon us, is releasing on 19 June 2020. To satiate fans desperately awaiting news on the game, and who didn’t feel like turning to leaks to get their fill, developer Naughty Dog has released a new trailer for the game and it looks tremendous. Oh, and word to wise: Don’t read the comments on the videos YouTube page. They’re filled with spoilers.

We don’t mean “tremendous” in only the graphical sense though, although we can already hearing our base PS4s screaming like rabid wolves as they try to run TLOU II. It looks absolutely gorgeous, Naughty Dog is clearly doing what they do best and pushing technical boundaries with their software. One can only hope the game runs smoothly because it’ll pretty obviously be placing strain on even the PS4 Pro’s system.

As for the trailer itself, we get a better look at Ellie as she embarks upon her quest to do…something. It’s spoken about very cryptically, which is for the best, one would think. Still, it’s great getting a look at new and returning characters and speculating about what kind of role they’ll play in what might be an epic conclusion to this saga. We say “might” because who knows what else Naughty Dog have hidden up their sleeve? Maybe there’s a Last of Us Part III being planned somewhere in Sony HQ. All we know for now is that the second game is looking mighty good.


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