Facebook will allow users to charge ‘entry fees’ for live streams


Some of the most hard-hit in our economy are the performance industry. Musicians, stage performers and even athletes have lost their income. These are hard times, but there has to be another way of making money. No, we’re not talking about opening an Onlyfans account…

Luckily, streamers and content creators have been doing this for a long time, and monetised digital channels have made it easy enough to make some cash. They can opt for Patreon donations or affiliate money from Twitch or YouTube for example. But now it looks like Facebook also wants to help people monetise their content, and it’s a welcome addition. 

Facebook is rolling out a new feature that allows Page owners to request paid access to their live streams. It looks like this option will only be available to Page owners at this stage, and not all Facebook users. Facebook said in its announcement that it’s adding the feature as a way to “support creators and small businesses.” 

Facebook was stingy on the details, and the new feature was hidden among other announcements. This includes a video-conferencing feature that’ll roll out for its chat application called Rooms. “The announcement references that pages will be able to charge for events, but Facebook has yet to clarify if there will be any limitations as to who’ll be able to use the feature,” The Verge reports.

That’s great news for freelancers and artists who relied on capital from live shows and bringing people together in large groups. Yeah, strange how that’s not a thing anymore. 

Sauce: The Verge


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