#DStvMustFall – SA gets the hell-in with the Multichoice-owned satellite service


The current lockdown and cabin fever might be setting in around the country. Twitter trends in South Africa aren’t normally this ferocious. Multichoice-owned DStv is in the Twitter crosshairs as #DStvMustFall trends on the micro-blogging service.

Nothing new


The complaints aren’t new at all. At fault are DStv’s subscription prices, as well as its tendency to repeat its content ad nauseam. It appears that when subscribers are all stuck at home and not headed to work for half the day, those repeats are a lot more grating. Especially when all of the sport — the main drawcard for satellite services the world over — has been cancelled.

Tips for alternatives to DStv are being offered, calls for subscription price drops and free access for the duration of lockdown are common and there’s a fair amount of talk about unbundling — allowing users to curate their own bouquet of channels at a reduced cost.

How the satellite provider responds to this will actually matter — #DStvMustFall is poking at all of the service’s faults which, with the absence of sports and its viewers at home 24/7 with next to nothing to do, are more apparent than ever.


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  1. I totally agree. DSTV sucks big time for what we pay. Years of complaints on constant repeats, they don’t listen. Never entertained the public during Covid-19. Disappointing.

    • Joleen naicker on

      Go that is true they are gona loose their subscribers due to the repeats shown and yet ouracc is paid on time with this lockdwn pandemic going on and no work in progress they still insist on full payment or we get disconnected

      • I’m going to cancel my subscription if they cancel channel 123 ITV CHOICE! I’m tired of being dictated too!! Money talks. That will be the last straw. At a R1000 a month and only really watch 3-4 channels, then it’s not worth it anymore. Rather stream content!

      • DSTV is really going downhill fast. They rake off ITV Choice because of a pissing contest with the Brits. At the prices the pay for the Premium this should have easily been afforded. Get rid of some of those multitude of awful stations which I am sure no one watches. If it was not for sport I would cancel and have been a subscriber since 1986 or 7.

    • agree. do they sleep well at night ripping off the public. and then have adverts telling us how great they are. shame on you multi choice. PLEASE THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING

    • In other countries you pay less money than DSTV for a lot more channels and have Internet and landline telephone included in the package. DSTV only offers a few quality channels, which now will be less with ITV Choice going and the rest of the rest of the channels air third rate rubbish which they claim is award winning, this must be a joke! Unfortunately there is no competition on the same platform, so sadly DSTV/Multichoice has the monopoly on what they charge and air. Currently looking at other viewing options and then will pass the word to family and friends as most people you talk to are sick of DSTV and feel ripped off by them.

    • I agree 100% and the adverts wow so many adds. I mean how much money is enough for multi choice, the gread. Its time for some healthy compitition in the dstv market

    • We’ve been trying for 4weeks to get a new xplorapricelock contract ..did app everything was approved signed but seems that they so pathetic we still waiting for the installation 4 weeks with daily lies and excuses ..weve been sent sms with dates and times of installation this is no longer a joke as we canceled the old platform we had..we 81 yrs old and have been treated so poorly whats happened to this company and there lying staff can anyone admit they have no clue what they doing ..how do they keep there jobs…pls help

      • If indian paytv spreads its wings to africa to compete against multichoice then that will be the final nail in the coffin for dstv
        India has numerous paytv services with good packages at a fraction of dstv subs
        Watched the springboks play new zealand live in hd in indian rural area.
        They even get to pick own channels to subscribe to.
        They have the financial muscle to buy major sports tv rights and end the dstv monopoly

      • Rodney Pienaar on

        I have canceled my subscription a week ago after having to call them every day for an hour on the phone with no help

  2. With all Sport tv rights money they saving yet getting same income even more but still increasing pricing there staff are also working fewer hours they saving and exploiting the poor the fact that SABC allows ths because of being on DSTV pay roll I dnt see it stops before ppl take it to the streets

  3. My hole family is getting tired of repeats and still playing movies from the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s must get to a stop now. How many other movies came out since 2015 to current, a lot. That’s why people don’t pay TV licenses to SABC anymore. Price must fall. They to surveys that don’t make sense and they change the survey a little bit and still ask the same questions but you never win the free data which they promise.

  4. Gerhard Gerber on

    Now is the time to cancel DSTV and try Netflix, Showmax and other streaming options for a few months, Super Sport will not have Live or new content for the next few months.

    • Johan Mathebula on

      Guys help. Is SS11 channel 211 cancelled or what. M paying R400 but since the first of September the channel has disappeared what is going on. I am a fan of UFC now I am going to struggle without ufc. Please help if you have some information

    • I’ve cancelled my subscription and the savings has been fantastic, joined Netflix and stream content that I want to watch. I’m done with Multichoice (wrongly named) should have been No choice, forcing reruns and old films on it’s viewers(paying) at exorbitant monthly subscriptions.

      • Go easy on them. Multichoice gets most of its content from the United Kingdom which tends to release episodes and movies late, weeks or even months after the U.S broadcasts it. There will be left with no choice but to air reruns until new episodes come.

        • That’s bullshit wtf are you defending those dstv assholes all they doing is ripping us off, we as the paying public should have a choice of what channels we want to choose on the packages we want and not givin shit which they want us to watch south Africa wake up stop paying your dstv shit repeats, take a stand now???

  5. Bheki Mphahlaza on

    These guys are taking us for a ride. Incompetent program directors, we paying a lot of money for the nonsense that we are watching.

  6. Patrick Carolus on

    But seriously why should you pay dstv and also having a tv license. Someone is supposed to pay the other for using their airwaves, same for having netflix or what ever.

  7. David Kganyago on

    It is about high time that the truth be revealed.Dstv is charging us exorbitant fees..they must fall,and forever.
    They choose channels for us,then package them with SS,knowing very well that almost 90% of clients like Supersport.
    Clients must now be allowed to package their own channels and pay only for that.
    For eg.what do I do with channels like Lesotho tv,while i residein SA in Limpopo,channels like Kyk Net.
    They do this because they have no Competitor

    • Probably dropping ITV because they have to pay too much for the rights. Would rather rip us off with cheaper rubbish. Also many free channels never even considered for SA, even though they are shown in other African countries.

    • DSTV subscriptions fund more than just the channels or programming that you like. Try watching programming from the myriad of local changes. Your subscription is actually also partly paying those actors, directly, crew. It’s all part of empowerment, job creation, BEE requirements, quotas and equal opportunity. We all have a choice so it’s up to the individual to support DSTV or try other value alternatives like streaming from netflix etc.

  8. Thembha Mlotshwa on

    It doesn’t matter ehat people ssy, Mulyichoice has a monopoly in South African satellite content offering. That’s no choice! In other countries they offer better content thsn they do here at home!

    Myself, I have taken up a Vodacom uncapped fibre contract with a 10 Mbs speed and the premium Netflix offering. The kids love it! I love it!

  9. DSTV is like our ANC you talk talk but it falls in deaf ears all they care about is receiving subscriptions if only everyone could boycott them for a month or two maybe they’ll shake up

  10. I support a system of pay-to-watch. At this stage we are actually watching 4 channels. Why pay for everything. Waste of time, and money. Off course the constant REPEATS are the worst aspect.

  11. Arthur Viljoen on

    Agree totally….. To many damn adverts. A hour long program is only about 30-40 min of actually viewing time…. The other min are just pure adverts over and over again. Premiums should drop by 30-40%….

  12. They should reduce their fees, we paying for watching the same stuff not just because it’s lockdown. DSTV has been doing this ever since I could remember. Kids shows they repeat same cartoons, from Nicktoons to Boomerang.

  13. Dedre van der Walt on

    I agree, apart from the repeats, some of the programs like Downton Abbey started again on BBC F, but there is no fixed time slot, every day it is shown at a different time, which makes it impossible to follow. I would rather cancel DSTV and watch Netflix from now on. DSTV programs not interesting anymore. I never new that reality TV programs are historical. Pathetic that they do not know what “historical” really means!!

  14. Sipho Madonsela on

    Thank you because maybe now Multichoice will see what damage they cause in SA. We don’t have choice they are only one who has choice on us. We watching one thing for 200 times and we a pay channels that we not watching so wa are forced to pay for them why because they don’t care the price is going up every year on April 1but no nothing making sense there. Multichoice must change or they must introduce new systems where we can choose our package because at end of the day we are ones who is paying and watching dstv. Lastly they stop this arrogance towards to their clients.

  15. I am a compact customer. Cannot afford premium. The reruns on those channels is a major issue.
    Another problem that I experience is that I don’t get all the channels. So sick of the msg “faulty connection or bad weather” when I do get them the reception is very bad.
    I bought a new decoder + TV 6 weeks ago..
    The best part is that dstv ‘s self service are not able to help me. As far as I am concerned the problem is not on my side. How is it possible that one TV have problems and the other one have perfect reception. Must mention that I also had a new bigger dish installed a few months back.
    Dstv is not flavour of the month at this stage. In my life.
    Reruns millions of ads that I am not interested in. Then they want to increase the subscription fee. Really this is not the way to go. Sorry Dstv. That’s how I feel

  16. Mathys MD Potgieter on

    This is coming for a long time all this repeats and we must still pay full subscription every month and then they increase there subscription fees every year without a shame. They new they can do it because they are a monopoly because subscribers don’t have any other place to go. Most movies are also repeated and then they charge us to pay for new movies what a disgrace. Hope isca look at this like they look at the data prices or do they look the other way.

  17. This is not far we’re paying too much money to watch same thing again and again… DSTV must reduce its fees

  18. Desire Monisi on

    Dstv must fall indeed because we even paying more money justfor the repeats every time, it’s way too much

  19. Bontle Lekgoathi on

    Great article, I just wish the conversation would continue as am one of those subscriber that believes in #DSTVmustfall. 5 weeks into the lockdown and no relief no free channels for 550 every month that is a life cover policy of at least 2 million that many south Africans do not have. If this was a savings wow.

  20. Johan van den Worm on

    I am a pensioner and to pay that amount for repeats is unacceptable. Lower the subscription for pensioners are improve the quality of what we must watch. Our money is good enough to enrich you at Multichoice while we have no choice on the repetitive “shows” we must view. Shame on you!!!!

  21. DSTV repeats programmes and honestly I am tired to watch them. Eg channel 182 which I like but every thing on that channel I watched before.

  22. Marina van der Heever on

    I have been a loyal subscriber for many many years. I will have to cancel my premium subscriptions. I am a pensioner but am still working. I have not received my salary since end March and being a tutor for a private school the owner is not paying salaries for the next 4 month’s. No relief coming from Multichoice and repeat programmes driving me insane. Not worth it for a monthly payment of R1000!

  23. Seriously dstv must fall, they keep sending me messages that I must reopen dstv access,I was supposed to pay on the 2/3/2020 according the message was send to me by DStv, to my surprise on the 1/3/2020 DStv decided to cut my services saying they didn’t get
    My payment,to me it has shown unprofessionalism on their side.
    To add on that what boring is repetition of everything on dstv

  24. DStv is a scam!
    By making use of a Sub- contractor nl. On Air
    the promised- and the actual contract are totally different. DStv, when questioned, distance themselves from the problem.
    DStv is a 3rd world organisation.

  25. Joe Meintjes on

    Absolutely fact. Multi Choice catch a wake up. You are screening repeats over and over and over. You keep putting up your fees but are bringing nothing new to our screens. Every single channel is repeating old movies over and over again. It’s getting a bit much now. Have a clean up of old series and start getting New material. You are worse then the Corona Virus repeating movies we watched 17 years ago . CATCH A WAKE UP.

    • DStv we have been complaining about repeating channels everytime and there’s nothing been done we are so tired of watching the same things we are on lockdown Nd there’s nothing new we can find I pay R400 everymonth and at that amount I cannot find anything interesting to watch as soon as you get a competitor you will lose all your customers if I can rate you I would give you guys 0,00% rate DStv is a total waste and we still on it because we got no choice there must be a huge upgrade in order to keep us course we tired of this

  26. Yes we chucked them out a long time ago as pensioners watching the same shows one after the other so we got my family cinima and now we watch what we want and all the really new stuff at a cost of 950 rand per year yes under 50 r a month as long as you have wifi and thats 500 a month but still beets dstv by miles

    • I am also going out ASAP when I get a computer and subscribe for rain WiFi I am tired of DStv they have no customer care

  27. Honestly Dstv didn’t drop their price considering that most will have no income at all and on top of that they keep recapitulating every show it’s very boring

  28. Multi choice MNet are total waste of time in fact all they are oxgen thieves to say the least. Shut them down we won’t be missing much but saving a big chunk of money.We won’t have to sit and watch reruns every day!!?

  29. Leslie Mac Donald on

    One becomes like a Zombie, looking at the same ols, same old, but not seeing a thing on the screen because pf looking at programming recorded in the 70’s.

  30. I read in the Zim news, DSTV will be upgrading all bouquets a level up accept premium users as they’re already at the highest bouquet, why not SA subscribers

  31. Yes I agree we pay to much for dstv 1000rand month way to much I want to cancel it if it was cheaper I would stay on it but I’m not convince

  32. Lettie Radebe on

    Dstv you are heartless your payment is not even negotiable you make us stupid for watching your repetitive show not even a day in between

  33. Like seriously DSTV is doing no good to to he client s .they don’t even think of people s life only think of their business ?
    We wish Mr President to deal with this type of
    If they don’t care about people then they must close all their channels until lockdown comes to end
    As SA we must stand together but they are taking their way of selfish

  34. Alicia Bergman on

    You guys are right Im looking at repeats for last 10 years. Sometimes they show same thing 3 times a day. I know the people on Judge Judy so well plus their stories. Just pity I love one or three Afrikaans programmes otherwise I will cancel. Alicia

  35. Yes we pay a lot of money for repeats and swearing. You cannot even block the swearing out. Its most disgusting to have to listen to swearing and have to pay for it. We are also sponsering their projects which we don’t even benefit from.

  36. Regarding DSTV : They advertised that all paid up subscribers in SA and Nigeria, would automatically be updated with the next package (bigger) one) for the duration of lockdown.
    I take it to mean if we have paid for our monthly subscription, we would automatically be viewing the upgraded package. This would take place on 20 April but so far, nothing has happened to me and I’ve paid my subscription.
    So what’s happened to their announcement.?
    Apparently this would be done without us paying anything extra but it would be free.
    Can you find out about this please?

  37. Other r people are paying R100 but have axcess to watch dstv like me paying R495 why cant they reduce our premium nor add more channels

  38. Jan Marshall on

    DSTV at the moment Premium have about the same amount of channels but pay R400 a month more. We lost all the sport channel viewing. Is this fair

  39. What is mind-boggling is we are customers for more than 20 years and we just have to pay our whole subscription especially the premium package but no sign of give us a better deal but non subscribers can now watch what I pay for and they get it for free. I have since decided to cancel my subscription and rather watch it for far less than dstv, I can get season tickets and see all the games live plus join Netflix and have home entertainment “DSTV MUST FALL”!!!!!!!!!

  40. e deserve to have some relief in this climate period we are in as loyal customers of dstv more we paying the high package #price must come down.

  41. So true today I watched where Sheldon gets married on the Big Bang Theory then the next episode was when Penny moved in accross from them. I mean really the amount of money they make and its all repeats. Now they are removing ITV for what?

  42. It’s embarrassing to see a paid content playing ridiculous repeats
    SACBC encore channel reminds me of the apartheid days where television was afrikaans and English contents only…pls sabc encore get a life. We need zulu.xhosa.sotho drama especially during te day you can’t compete with live drama and sopiesin the evening. What about playing is soccer of the past on weekends. SABC ENCORE IS AN APARTHEID CHANNEL

  43. Every year dstv increase the money but we are not satisfied with their service. They repeat the the movies every day they play good movies in the middle of the night how can we watch them because we are sleeping on that time. Dstv must try to do better. Look now is a lock down they must entertain us but nothing. The only channel the is better is mzansi magic i think we are paying for only mzansi magic. Really I’m not satisfied please try something guys

  44. I’m very disappointed with the amount I have to pay for the poor service. At the moment it’s worst with the lockdown and programmes being repeated all the time.aybeni must also repeat sendingy receipt without payment ike they’re repeating the programmes

  45. Dstv.shows repeat every day on all chanels.wat are we paying so much for?.wen I call dem to complain its a deaf ear.how can we solve this problem

  46. I gave up with dstv I complained so many times about their billing they don’t want to solve it. They I correctly derbited me in Sep I tried till December to get help only on December they respond saying there’s an extra R1500 that was derbited for dish I don’t know so they removed it. And wanted me to pay for the 3 months I didn’t receive service. Worst of all their finance team has no number and don’t talk to ppl. Their price lock ppl too. No matter what we say they won’t respond they actually don’t care what we think. Maybe they own the market or something but they forget that clients will always rule. I hope they fall for real.

  47. We pay to much just to watch repeats for the hole month…dstv must find a way of showing us new things..they want our accounts to be up to date but there is nothing interesting to watch…

  48. Multi choice doesn’t live up to it’s name. We pay a lot for useless repeats, they never sympathized with all their customers during lockdown . They just never listen to customer suggestions and maybe try to meet them halfway , as some asked for pay as you use. It’s whole lot , even Nigeria was complaining about being over charged.

  49. Simon Lebotho on

    Oh no DStv, you can’t increase package price in this crucial time whereas most people are at home and we gonna earn half our salaries. Plus you guys keep on repeating most o programs 6 times a day. I believe there are plenty movies in which can be shown rathar than keep on repeating one movie oblver and over again😩

  50. DSTV is increasing every new finacial year but is always repeating one and the same thing no new movies.. DSTV PRICES MUST FALL

  51. Realky DSTVis robbing us their prices are to high.. This thing of dstvreally need to be attended. Why are they increasing every new finacial.?Really what is a big deal?What is so speacial for them to increase their prices every year. ?Really DSTV MUST FALL

  52. Really DStv multchoice is eating our worked hard earned money for nothing cause they repeat one thing 20 times while we pay a lot of money we only enjoy watching soccer on DStv other than that they rob us

    • Geraldine Mendelsohn on

      Why do we only seen very old movies and repeats these days. DSTVCompact plus is not worth having. Nothing to watch. Its time to get rid of them completely. The Bollywood rubbish every afternoon. I am sure that old rubbish is for free from india…….

  53. Neville Munien on

    Dstv has been ripping the people for years! We had to experience a pandemic to notice. Because we couldn’t do without our sports we Wher hogwashed. In a crisis that the world is going through instead off unbundleing n givein us free viewing we get a price hike. The nonsense these people throw at us! Eg madea etc. We pay like R900. We now still, over n above have to rent box office movies. Really!!! Luckily for me I disconnected your service 2 yrs ago!!!

  54. #DstvMustFall i agree, while the World is in pain Dstv is milking us, they are greedy ,banks,companies, citizens are contributing ,government is working so hard but hey ,they’re doing nothing

  55. Percy livhuwani musenwa on

    Hi “thts true thrs nothing exciting on Dstv thy keep on playing old movies n repeating the same thing n thyr price is redicoulosly expensive #Dstv must cut thyr price n also make us choose our channel n charge us based on wat we hv choose.

  56. Ishwar Singh on


    I have complained numerous times to their CEO via the customer don’t care app.
    No response whatsoever.

    Cannot believe that as a very expensive service provider, with all these channels, they show absolute crap.

    They are heading for disaster if this lack of professional support continues.

  57. Frances des-Fountain on

    As a pensioner who does not stay in an old age home… No reduction in price. We are not so clever with all these other methods of viewing and would love to choose the channels that we prefer watching at a reduced price.

  58. I was also expecting DSTV to open all thier channels for thier subscribers in this period of lock down. But it never even offered us some relief at all.

  59. Anand Govender on

    Dstv is becoming very unaffordable the continuous repetition of movies is becoming very boring and not worth the money we spend. After this lockdown if DStv wants to keep their clientel they have to shape up their packages.

  60. Totally agree! Reduce pricing drastically. To select a different package, you will still be watching repeats! That’s not what is required by any consumer. I will cancel my subscription end May.

  61. June van der Merwe on

    I have been a dstv subscriber almost from inception and agree fully that it is totally Unexcepable that the bouquet s have a bunch of channels that is geared for another part of the population and one is forced to have these channels in the bouquet. If one could choose the channels one love there would more subscribers.

  62. Gaston Forget on

    DSTV sucks big time. No reduction in price for no sport and too many repeats. No choice of channels. For premium you are forced to pay for all the junk channels that you never watch.
    Emedia have already raised over 13 million for the poor in our current situation, and not a peep from DSTV. I suspended my subscription as well as a lot of my friends did.
    There are other alternatives around. DSTV can go and suck eggs.

  63. Yes dstv making us watch repeats I’m paying lot of money to watch repeat.like channel 157 I really like the channel but now there’s no use of me because they’re repeting

  64. I still think that DStv is creedy cause they keep on asking us to pay while watching the repeats of every soapies,drama,sports everyday, don’t know how many times I watched Chiefs vs Pirates vs wits vs Sundowns all the repeats. Guys we losing money and u keep on benefiting while claiming is lockdown and the dstv customers will have free channels while you know are all repeats pls stop with your funny stories and start broadcast what is worth what we paying.
    I think for now cause we still on lockdown and there is nothing that is worth paying so much for, better ask us to pay quarter or half until lockdown has halted, cause now we paying more for nothing actual is like paying DStv to an empty house. Actually IS A WASTE 👎

  65. Dstv are crooks as we are not getting value for our money. Now that there are no sports nothing has replaced it that is valuable yet we must still pay the full subscription.

  66. Dear Multichoice

    I am one of your clients for two degades and i am sorry to say that you had become FAT CATS….Over and over we must watch the old movies over and over.You Fat Cats just pass it on from channel to channel.We are tired of this…we are tired of you BULLSHIT AND FEES…WE ARE TIRED OF OLD SCRAP MOVIES…

    Please listen to us or we will go to the streets or courts or other suppliers!!!!Enouth is Enough.


  67. They increase their price anytime they feel like, only because they don’t have challenging opponents, what they know is to repeat channels the hole years, me personally I don’t see a reason why are we paying dstv, it’s only soccer that makes me pay dstv

  68. They increase their price anytime they feel like, only because they don’t have challenging opponents, what they know is to repeat channels the hole years, me personally I don’t see a reason why are we paying dstv, it’s only soccer that makes me pay dstv

  69. Allan Ragaval on

    What a bunch of losers There Box Office Chanel must be declared illegal immediately .We need another service provider offering the same service for South Africans

  70. Waselah sait on

    Dstv Africa have free channels only for Botswana Lesotho and other African COUNTRIESs CAPE TOWN IS NOT PART OF THAT RELIEVE. I CALLED DSTV TO ENQUITE ABOUT THE FREE CHANNELS AND WAS TOLD ONLY THE ABOVE METIONED CITIES GET FREE DSTV, I TOLD THE AGENT THAT IS BEING UNFAIR, ARE WE NOT AFRICANS and he asked me if I’m being RACAIL. AND I TOLD HIM but I’m an South African. I’m definitely canceling my subscription as soon as my price lock agreement end.
    It’s only because of us paying customers that they exist.

  71. Himesh kuverjee on

    DStv not only charges exorbinant, they repeat a number of programs and they provide poor very poor service. Call Centre does not bother to phone you or respond to your complaint

  72. I don’t know how much i must be dstv because i cut the channels sometimes i pay 460, 550 , 600 i don’t know, today im go to shoprite to pay dstv, the lady said to me pay 803.85 , i said im not going to pay that amount

  73. Hlengani Baloyi on

    This is painful to all south Africans, where are we going to get money to pay DSTV while we are in lock down? There is no live broadcasting taking place now, please our government must do something about this

  74. we can’t go on like this even on locked down please peaple we don’t want hand out but your playing the same thing over n over again we playing please play something new or cut the prices for all of us than

  75. I also agree Dstv must fall im paying 920 everymonth with no break during this lock down for repeats and off air no it not fair

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  77. Dstv do play alot of crap, same things over and over n yet they charge so much i dont care if yo premium, compact, family package same shit apply for every package they are crap,no live sports nothing, they should put better movie channels, series channels, better geo channels on all packages im moving to netflix dstv is a waste of money il rather spend my money somewhere else

  78. Sandy MCDonald on

    The axing of ITV is the final straw for me
    I am sick and tired of MNet and the garbage that I am paying a lot of money for

  79. neil van asselt on

    Been a DSTV subscriber for 35 years.

    I remember being able to watch ESPN 1 and 2 (baseball, NFL,basketball etc). Long gone.
    Bundesliga football, they had on for a year, also vanished.
    Championship football in the UK, disappeared …

    I used to quite like channel 177, but some of those shows have been repeated 3 times in 4 months. It is simply ridiculous to see the same episode month after month WTF ?

    As for Sunday movies, where do they find this garbage ? In 8 Sunday’s they may show 1 movie that is worth watching. Last weeks John wick was ridiculous. He killed 300 people in an hour and a half, and only spoke 26 words. What garbage !

    Just waiting to move house and I will install fiber and dump DSTV. I get fast internet, and netflix, for what I am paying for DSTV endless repeats, and low quality Ka_k !

  80. Carole Hewett on

    ITV channel was the only one with decent quiz shows and series, so many repeats, do not watch a lot of films and they have so many film channels it is not worth the money, Absolute rip off

  81. I would also like to support this movement that dstv must fall. Fist of all South Africa is not a first world country but a third world country so that means that we don’t have money for such dull and poor programs enough is enough let’s all get a pation against multi choice for them to down there prices and take them to court basically were only paying for the support channels that my 2c that I wanted to add. #dstv must fall.

  82. Patricia kimber on

    Dstv is a joke ! We are paying for nothing . All we get r repeats repeats and more repeats ? My biggest
    Problem is the series repeats eg Chicago PD which is back again on another channel but we have seen it all before !!! YOU HAD BETTER GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER OR YOU WILL BE WITHOUT CUSTOMERS ! SICK OF PAYING R420 A MONTH FOR NOTHING ! ,


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  85. #DSTVMustFall Yesterday I decided to Rea tivate my DSTV to see if they are any better. Have been without since November. On the Dstv App I requested amount I need to pay to reactivate my account. I made instant EFT payment of R895. and service was back on immediately. However my pvr function s did not work. I phoned this morning and was told that to activate that would be an extra R50. And on top of that, I was suddenly told I still owed R211 even though I have never had a single call in the past 8 months about any amount outstanding.
    I told them to please refund me my payment of last night and cut off my dstv immediately. With the huge exodus of customers I thought they would at least try to pursuade me to stay, by they agreed to to so. Now I am waiting to see how much they will refund me.
    No wonder they are so useless, do not care anything about any of their subscribers. The worst, most useless company in the world. They will never see me ever again.

  86. DSTV subscriptions fund more than just the channels or programming that you like. Try watching programming from the myriad of local changes. Your subscription is actually also partly paying those actors, directly, crew. It’s all part of empowerment, job creation, BEE requirements, quotas and equal opportunity. We all have a choice so it’s up to the individual to support DSTV or try other value alternatives like streaming from netflix etc.

  87. i am baffled that anyone still subscribes to dstv. i suppose that not everyone can get a stable but also affordable broadband connection where they live. i ditched no-choice last January for a 10mb vdsl line and Netflix after i got sick and tired of the reruns of old outdated content on the 4 or 5 channels that i did enjoy watching. now i YouTube. express your dissatisfaction with no-choice by finding alternatives that work for you. don’t be scared to find the alternatives.which might seem daunting at first. we were too spoiled by the multitude of drivel that seems like a varied and wide selection, but look closely at what no-choice is actually serving up for your subscription. i gladly youtube. there’s a vast selection of music that I WANT TO WATCH, along with varied content the likes of which has to be seen to be believed.

  88. Josh Bennett on

    If some of you guys don’t remember, Multichoice prohibited Netflix from operating in SA purely because they hadn’t fully developed their “competition” which is showmax. For 2/3 years users would have to use a VPN. I’m glad I did because now I can watch anything, for frrrrr. P.s there was a time where you could choose and pay for your channels, but that was Multichoice giving people one too many. Multichoice trying to be like Robin Hood but instead stealing it all for themselves, and filling in empty ad spots with “Glorious Multichoice Award-Winning” bs ads. My job/purpose is to educate and show people for the first time how they can navigate the Internet – because its a dangerous place, but it’s also empowering and a source of knowledge/multiple viewpoints so let’s make use of it in this country before it’s made illegal which will almost certainly be coming down the line.

  89. neil van asselt on

    Why does DSTV keep on showing endless repeats of series like ;

    ‘flip or flop’
    ‘property brothers’
    ‘Gold Rush’
    ‘Wheeler dealers’

    I have seen some of those property brothers series aired at least 3 times in 5 months. Considering that there are over 10 years of it and at least 150 episodes, they should not be repeating that often. Just ridiculous !

    How can DSTV have a pay per view program that directly competes with the Sunday night movie ? You maybe get one decent film in every 6 weeks.

    People are paying for the sport, which has been largely non-existent over the last 5 months. They show F1 free practice which counts for nothing, but MotoGP (where the free practice counts), they don’t show.

    Sick of it !

  90. Roslyn Ferris on

    Thanks to DSTV I am a pro on every movie/series they keep repeating. I can quote the the entire thing word for word already. They do indeed suck. It really isn’t worth it anymore.

    With thousands of shows that they could be broadcasting they choose to show the same thing over and over. They think you will not notice if they play a new movie now but 2 months later that same movie will be played everyday for the next few months.

    It is really not worth it any longer. They are just ripping people off. Corruption at its best -they are definitely dishonest in return for money or personal gain

  91. Hazel Naidoo on

    I am a loyal Dstv subscriber for many years.
    I am soo annoyed with the repeated programmes especially on BBC lifestyle and on all the movie channels.
    I switched on to BBC lifestyle to watch Come Dine with me and wow and behold this episode is 6 years old and it’s been aired over 20 times…
    Shame on you for robbing us of new fresh content for the amount of money you charge .

  92. I reconnected my dstv after a year and am.disappointed with the same content,repeats and way too many adverts even more so than before. You just about start watching something and poof almost 10 adverts come on. Really annoyed should of left it disconnected!

  93. One of my biggest gripes is that things arent even in english anymore. I dont follow sabc because of local rubbish now dstv are showing more and more local trash. We can watch sabc for free, why pay dstv for same garbage. We dumped them already and went to Netflix.

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