DStv opens up extra SuperSport channels for all users so you can watch all the sport that’s not happening


DStv has continued down its path of trying to help bored, isolated users however they can by making yet another bundle of channels accessible to all subscribers. While previous offers such as this were relegated to DStv Now, everyone with a decoder will be able to take advantage of this “open window”.

DStv is doing the most to convince people that they’re worth keeping around, as they’ve announced some big (temporary) changes coming to their SuperSport channels. Following their announcement that certain channels will be made available to all South Africans through DStv Now, the broadcaster has announced that starting from today, SuperSport 1, a channel usually only available for those folks who pay for DStv Premium, will be available on DStv Compact and Compact Plus until 30 April 2020.

Moreover, SuperSport 7, normally only available for Premium, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers, will be available on DStv Family and DStv Access. Which is all great news, especially considering that nearly all sport has been cancelled because of the coronavirus so there’s not even anything to watch! Hooray for even more repeats!

“We will continue to monitor the situation and make the necessary changes to our broadcast schedule as developments occur,” said SuperSort in a statement published on their website. So buckle up for a weekend of ESPN sports documentaries about boxers (probably) and some highlights and/or repeats of old sports games. Sounds like a lot of fun for us tech nerds.


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  1. Theresa Marais on

    So if all the channels are open for all that haven’t got a premium subscription, do we as premium subscribers get a rebate? If DSTV are giving, then all should benefit. In these times( Coronavirus) I could use the Dstv rebate to buy groceries.

    • Yes. What about Grocery voucher to all DSTV Premium. I have no other way but to downgrade now. I feel all must be treated fair and at least DSTV is thinking about all due to Cirona
      But. As an premium holder for 8 +yrs
      And never have missed a premium i did never got a thank you note! All i get is Advertisements Repeats and never interested or full series!! Thanx dstv! Wish their was an Competorer out their. You do not ever say thank you

  2. We all know where they can put it. Everything they are offering now you will find free on Youtube and other places and it has been like that for years.

  3. Please take this further, DSTV is playing games with the regular subscribers, opening sports channels to other subscribers, yippee, there is no sport so what have they received, reruns. Why are we still paying for the sports channels when there is no sport. We are having our money stolen by DSTV, Start a movement to stop this theft.

  4. What about not repeating so many other programs over and over also open more channels for the premium subscribers then. Sick of seeing repeats please help with new shows

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